Monday, November 30, 2015


We've been dealing with some hard things the last couple weeks. 
It sucks but we are surviving and are very much looking forward for it all to be over. 
We are learning a lot through it all and I guess that's what matters right?

I've been trying to stay busy/distracted doing the momma/house wife stuff and trying to grow my photography business here. 
That alone comes with it's own challenges in a new place. 

I expected to be busier with the Christmas season but unfortunately that's not the case. 
Some days i'm like, this sucks, I give up, but I alway come back because i'm passionate about it. 

Hopefully it'll pick up soon. 

I'm still working hard to loose the last of this baby weight. 

It always seems to go on the back burner when life gets crazy and hard. 
I have to keep reminding myself that it's a process. 

I just hate feeling like a chubbier, unhealthier version of myself.
I'm trying to make time for myself and for my fitness goals but life ya know?
Again, it's a process. 

It also doesn't help that i'm already getting baby hungry again...
David is really like his job and is starting to figure out what direction he wants to go with his career after he completes his Masters Program. 
I can't believe he will be done in a year.
He has also been working on his strength and conditioning programing and has been putting a lot of hours in our crossfit/garage gym.
He's been making some serious gains and has the physic to show it ;)
Remington has been practicing writing the letters of the alphabet. 
He can write his name and pretends to read to his sisters all the time. 
He loves picking out his outfit for the day and spends hours in the backyard playing games with Olive. 
He's also currently growing out his hair. 
Olive Lou is growing like a weed. 
We literally have to buy her an entire new wardrobe. 
All of the sudden everything is too short and to small. 
We attempted potty training a few weeks back but we only lasted 1 day. 
She begged me to let her stay in diapers and with everything else going on, I wasn't in the mood to fight it. 
So, we will try again in a few month. 
Frances Pearl is so close to crawling (without actually crawling) 
She is just so cute and fat and happy all of the time. 
We get stopped everywhere we go with her.

Looking forward to a fun Christmas season to pull us of this funk.

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