Monday, December 21, 2015

7 months with Frances

Dear Frances Pearl,
At 7 months old you weigh 23 lbs!
This month you are moving and grooving!
Not crawling yet but SO CLOSE.
Its more like a combination of planking/inch worming/scooting.
You lunge forward from your knees and get really mad when you land on your tummy.
Still not a fan of rolling over.
If you get stuck, we have Remington roll you to your back and help sit you up.
He loves doing it!
You aren't much of a lap baby anymore, especially if i'm holding you.
You stiffen up and arch your back and wiggle until I set you down.
I made Dad take you during church haha!
You're starting to babble more, saying "momma" and occasionally "dada"
You also yell a lot with your mouth closed.
You're eating purees about 1x per day and nursing lots and lots.
Still no teeth!?
I swear we see them starting to come through but nothing has broken the gums yet.
You love chewing on everything, and even took a binky once this month!
You are a master at getting one arm out of your swaddle but it's still the only way to get you to sleep.
I tried to put you in the crib a few days during nap time and you were NOT having it.
You prefer to be snug up against me when you sleep.
You like standing up and leaning against the couch.
You still hate your car seat.
We plan on giving Rems to you and getting Rem a new one.
Crossing our fingers that it helps!
Started playing "peek-a-boo" back with us by holding your arms over your eyes.
It's so stinking cute.
We loving watching you grown into your own little person.
(We'd love you even more if you'd stop fighting sleep. ;) let's make it happen next month ok?)
Love you Franny girl!

ps. you were a little fart for these pictures so they got cut short.

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