Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Remington says

Story time


Remington has been really into guns lately. 
He has the amazing ability to turn literally anything and everything into a gun. 
(I figured this day was coming sooner or later since he is named after one, haha)
Anyways, he always says "boom I killed you!" after pretending to shoot one of us. 
After sitting him down one day and reminding him that it's all pretend and it's not nice to tell people he's killing them he hung his head and said "but I weally yove killing people " 
Dave and I looked at each other wide-eyded and laughed out loud.
Only the bad guys Rem!


The babies have been watching the pixar movie Incredibles in the van when we go on longer drives. 
Rem can quote the movie word for word!
One afternoon I sent him up to get dressed for the day.
He yells down "MOMMA!!! "
I yell back "WHAT?!"
He responds with out missing a beat "WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT!?" then starts giggling uncontrollably. 

We were dying. 


One day during nap time I heard him get out of bed and go into the bathroom. 
A few minutes later I hear him humming. 
"What are you doing up there" I asked
"Oh just pooping" he replies. 

Boys, HA! 

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