Sunday, January 31, 2016

the wedding series: why we choose the Oakland temple

I started weeding through my draft posts here on blogger and I found a bunch of The Wedding Series posts that I started three years ago (and never finished!) Since David and I are celebrating our    
6th anniversary next month I thought it would be the perfect time to finish them up. (Plus it's a nice brea from baby posts lol) 
Here's a couple links to catch you up// 
 why the wedding series
^^i'm missing that jawline right about now, wahhh!

A little background first// I lived most of my teenage "growing up" years in Portland, OR. For a long time that was where I considered to be "home". Half way through my senior year we moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I finished up high school and then moved right up to Rexburg, Idaho. I was only in Arizona for eight months before starting up at BYU-Idaho so it was never really "home" to me. 
The semester after we got engaged (Fall 2009) my Dad got a new job and my family relocated from Phoenix, Arizona to Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

So here I was trying to plan a wedding, David living in Utah and me living in Oklahoma. 
Where would we get married?!
I felt like a girl with out a home (temple). 
I didn't want to get married in Oklahoma (obviously, just moved there)
I was adamant on NOT having a Utah wedding since EVERYONE gets married at the same temples in Utah (plus I wasn't from there) 
Arizona wasn't my home either and I wasn't a fan of the Mesa temple (not dissing it, just not my favorite ascetically) 
Having it in Portland felt weird since I hadn't live there in so long. 
Most of my extended family was in northern California so we talked about doing it there.
We tossed around the idea of getting married in the San Diego Temple. 
It was my FAVORITE temple growing up, the one I always had a photo of in my room. 
We quickly realized the logistics of that were too complicated trying to get everyone down there. 
So we landed on the Oakland Temple. 
It just made the most sense for everyone. 
We set the date and continued to plan.
Me from Oklahoma and him from Utah, planning for our wedding day in California. 
It was stressful doing everything long distance (definitely don't recommend that) but HEY, it all worked out. 

and thats the story of why we choose the Oakland temple! 

next up in the series// saying YES to the dress. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Franny film // month 7


January has been a BLUR. 
This is the most sleep deprived we have ever been, E V E R. 
All I want to do is take an Ambien and sleep for 72 hours straight. 
Is that too much for a girl to ask?

When you don't sleep for an entire month every other aspect of your life is affected.
Things like basic nutrition, personal hygiene and rational thinking go right out the door.
Say goodbye to those new years resolution goals too. 
You've now reached survival mode. 
and dad by day you feel yourself start to get a little bit crazier.

I don't know what the deal is with the littlest Olsen nugget but girlfriend can not pull it together. 
It started right around new years.
Typically she wakes up maybe once or twice to nurse but falls right back asleep. 
But then one night she wakes up an extra time. 
Then the next night an extra, extra time. 
Then all of the sudden, the boobies can't console her and she gets mad.
David and I take turns every hour, rocking, singing, binky, no binky.
Back and forth. 
Please just go the eff to sleep.
More hours of sleep lost, day after day.
Growth spurt?
Every morning David wakes me up, dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, dressed for work telling me he's heading out the door.
Every morning I beg/cry for him to stay. 
I never know how the crap I'm going to survive the day.
sticky floors
annoying Netflix cartoons voices
tantrums and tears (from me mostly)
Yes you can do that.
No you can't eat that.
whatever, I don't care.
Don't hit your sister.
The car's not starting. 
Here take mine, this circus is not leaving the house anyways.
When the last time I brushed my teeth?
How long has that been there?
Please bring home dinner.
Will you pick up some more diet coke?

Then all of the sudden it's the end of January and i'm like how the hell are we still alive?
We are beat down.
Straight up zombie status
In the trenches of parenthood.
Hardly functioning at a normal level, but we are surviving. 

and that is how you get to be on #teamnosleep 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

8 months with Frances

Dear Frances,
It has been a fun couple weeks as far as milestones go. 
At eight months old you are MOBILE.
One day you decided to crawl and you haven't looked back!
You LOVE your newfound freedom and being able to keep up with your older siblings. 
With that, you aren't a fan of sitting in anyones lap or being held for very long.
You wiggle and squirm and make your body stiff until you are put down. 
Our snuggles are limited to nursing sessions and before bedtime. 
My least favorite thing about the crawling stage is you finding EVERY LITTLE damn thing on the floor and putting in your mouth. 
Like seriously, I don't even know where you find some of these little nasties. 
I pride myself in keeping a tidy home but I've really had to up the anti on the vacuuming/sweeping situation. 
This month you are waving, clapping and bobbing your head to music. 
You babble loudly and cry "momma" when you are upset. 
Still ZERO teeth. 
You LOVE cheese and pasta or any combination of the two. 
You haven't quite gotten down the pincer reflex (picking things up with your thumb and pointer finger) so when we put a few pieces of food on your plate you go face first and try to lick them up with your tongue. 
It's super cute. 
You rub my arm with your little hand when you nurse.
I love when we make eye contact you unlatch and smile. 
AH that the stuff motherhood fantasies are made of! 
The sleep situation has been pretty touch and go this month. 
Pretty much we pass you back and forth all night. 
Not really sure what the culprit is but whatever it is you never really seem to be settled at night. 
During the day you're happy as a clam.
Not napping as much as I'd like but we make it work. 
We will sleep when we are dead right?
Rem's new carseat came in so you finally moved up to the convertible!
So far, you seem to like it better than the infant seat AKA not screaming every time we go somewhere in the car.  
Let's keep that up, k? 
Besides the sleep stuff, you're pretty much the perfect baby. 
We are just enjoying this stage so much.
Love you Franny girl-

PS. your eight month shoot combined with the valentine practices ones because I don't care to suffer through another session trying to make you hold still..hence the basket. So sorry that they don't match your other monthly posts, i'm sure we will all survive.) 
PSS. the lighting is these. barf. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Olive Lou and the Valentine shoot

Just like last year, Olive STRUGGLED to get through a couple shots during our quick* shoot today.
(*I'm talking 2.5 minutes TOPS) 
I'm mean just look. 
It was actually painful for her to sit and smile for me. 
This girl.
I don't even know...
She kills me!
Here are some of my favorite Olive expressions captured. 

^^Like what is this? 
^^"Olive, keep your eyes open! 

^^ok now smile!
^^Then she starts getting real unhappy which leads to me my favorite shot of the day..
^^I can't...

Ok Olive, you win. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Remington lately...

I can not get over that Remington's 4th birthday is only 8 weeks away. 
Like seriously....I can't even. 

At almost 4 years old Rem insists on picking out his outfits everyday. 
I've been trying to teach him how to match colors and patterns and most the time he does pretty well. 
If he had it his way, he'd be wearing his superman shirt/spiderman shirt with his basketball shorts and rain boots
He is super particular about his undies and socks which totally cracks us up. 

At almost 4 years old Remington responds to anything asked of him, "Why!?"
and when an explanation is given, "but WHY!?"
and on, and on and on.
It's been super fun...

At almost 4 years old Remington has totally stepped up in his big/oldest brother/child roll. 
He is SO helpful with the girls (when he doesn't ask why a million times haha)
He loves to boss around Olive and always tells us when she is breaking the rules or doing something wrong. 
Olive is a sneaky one so Rem loves when he catches here doing something. 
He's quick to help up Fran when she falls over and grab anything from her hands that she wasn't supposed to have. 

At almost 4 years old Remington can write his name and everyone else's in the family. 
He love love loves doing school!
Practicing letter writing and reading books together makes him so happy. 

He loves doing Crossfit WODs, watching DinoTrux and Daniel Tiger, playing with his new remote controlled train set and helping prepare meals with Dave and I in the kitchen. 

I couldn't have asked for a better first born! 
Even in the depths of Threenagerhood, he's still pretty cool. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Frances Pearl Month 3 // a film!

Another one!
Love love this song. 
We've been singing it all day! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Frances Pearl Month 2 // a film!

Happy New Year!
I'm spending all my "free time" whipping these little films out. 
It's going to take a lot longer than I even imagined, HA!
My goal is to be up to date with Fran's by her 1st birthday. 
We will see how that goes. 
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