Wednesday, January 27, 2016


January has been a BLUR. 
This is the most sleep deprived we have ever been, E V E R. 
All I want to do is take an Ambien and sleep for 72 hours straight. 
Is that too much for a girl to ask?

When you don't sleep for an entire month every other aspect of your life is affected.
Things like basic nutrition, personal hygiene and rational thinking go right out the door.
Say goodbye to those new years resolution goals too. 
You've now reached survival mode. 
and dad by day you feel yourself start to get a little bit crazier.

I don't know what the deal is with the littlest Olsen nugget but girlfriend can not pull it together. 
It started right around new years.
Typically she wakes up maybe once or twice to nurse but falls right back asleep. 
But then one night she wakes up an extra time. 
Then the next night an extra, extra time. 
Then all of the sudden, the boobies can't console her and she gets mad.
David and I take turns every hour, rocking, singing, binky, no binky.
Back and forth. 
Please just go the eff to sleep.
More hours of sleep lost, day after day.
Growth spurt?
Every morning David wakes me up, dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, dressed for work telling me he's heading out the door.
Every morning I beg/cry for him to stay. 
I never know how the crap I'm going to survive the day.
sticky floors
annoying Netflix cartoons voices
tantrums and tears (from me mostly)
Yes you can do that.
No you can't eat that.
whatever, I don't care.
Don't hit your sister.
The car's not starting. 
Here take mine, this circus is not leaving the house anyways.
When the last time I brushed my teeth?
How long has that been there?
Please bring home dinner.
Will you pick up some more diet coke?

Then all of the sudden it's the end of January and i'm like how the hell are we still alive?
We are beat down.
Straight up zombie status
In the trenches of parenthood.
Hardly functioning at a normal level, but we are surviving. 

and that is how you get to be on #teamnosleep 

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Chris and Katie said...

Oh how I love this honest post. Sorry Jan. has been rough! Hopefully Feb. is better for you!

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