Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Home Tour // The Living Room

Our living room is one of my favorite rooms in our home! 
We spend a good amount of time here compared to the rest of the house and it's the one room that is pretty much all the way completed (as far a decor goes). 
Because we have TWO living spaces in this house, this room is MINE!
READ: baby toys are NOT allowed. 
So while it might not been this spotless during a typical day, I do keep it pretty clean/tidy. 
(*I've gotten a lot of questions about how we keep our house so clean so I have a "keeping a clean house with three busy babies" post is in the works, so stay tuned for that!) 

This room has evolved so much in the short-six months that we've lived here, especially since we have started slowly upgrading our college furniture to more grown up pieces. 
(Ok, who am I kidding #ikeaforlife HAHA!)
But seriously, IKEA knows whats up. 
You can't find clean, modern looking furniture at that price point anywhere else. 
I love everything we have EVER purchased there and David is pretty much a pro at assembling furniture.  
View from the stairs. 
 Bottom of the stairs and the perfect spot for our Oakland Temple painting! I wanted it somewhere where we could see it all the time throughout the day. 
Couch is from RC Wiley a few years back. This bad boy is has been AMAZING with kids. It hides the stains pretty well (at least I like to tell myself that lol) but it also cleans really well too and its suuuuuper comfortable. 
I fell in love with this rug a few years back after seeing it on all my favorite bloggers/instgrammers' feeds. It has held up really well with three messy babies, and it cleans up nicely. Plus it's like uber cheap as far as rugs go. I know it's like way to small for this space but until I find the right one to replace it, it'll stay right where it is! 
View from the toy room (next post coming up ;) We decided to make the living room in the back of the house because the lighting is way better. The front room (where the toy room is) is totally lacking in that department and there is nothing I hate more than a dark room. (especially if i'm going to be spending a lot of time in it.) 
Next we have the most AWKWARD cut out/half wall/room divider EVER.
Like seriously, I don't know what they were thinking when they built this. WHAT IS IT?! I'm dying to know how previous tenants used the space. It was super annoying to try and figure out what to do with it, but for now, this little reading nook works for me. If we owned this house, I'd knock the whole wall out! 
The aqua cart started off as a mobile book cart for the babies books. Now it has become a little side table/station for nursing pads, extra binkys, diet coke cans and phones when they need to charge. 
 Fluffy pillow is from Target and my favorite black and white throw here
The tan/white poof is from target too and i'm embarrassed by how much I spent on it because it is literally a piece of crap. We had a square one that matched but it was sent to die in the trash a couple weeks ago. Def one of the few things from target that has been a flop. whomp whomp. 

CHAT BOOKS! I love, love love having these printed! The kids enjoy flipping through them and Fran loves crawling over and ripping them off the shelf one by one. 

The light on the top of the cart is actually a wax warmer! I've been obsessed with the scents from Burt's Bees. 
I dreamed about this chair FOREVER. Finally saved up the $$ and got it. I'm obsessed. It is def one of my most grown up furniture pieces and one of my favorite places to nurse. 
Photo gallery and a macrame wall hanging! My mom always asks if it's a dream catcher and it makes me LOL. 
Same dresser that we have in our bedroom but in white! I think getting this totally changed the look of the room. It brightened up the entire space and provided us lots of storage for diapers, puzzles and games (that the kids have to ask to play with) and other random things. 
Diaper stash!
Flower garland and Floor lamp from Target 
White curtains from IKEA. 
Our side yard has some really luscious bougainvillea plants that bloom with the prettiest purply/red flowers year round. I love the pop of color in the corner windows. 
Wire basket from Target holds all of our throw blankets. 
 And thats our living room! 

Toy room next :) 

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