Thursday, February 11, 2016

the wedding series: saying YES to the dress

After David and I got engaged, I jumped right into wedding planning mode.
By that point I had practically binged watched every TLC marathon's of bride shows and was so excited to have my "say yes the dress moment." 
So here's how it went down//
I had my youngest sister help "design" my dress.
She was 10 at the time and was totally into drawing/sketching and all that artsy stuff and really wanted to help with the wedding planning. 
I told her the different styles I liked and she then drew them out for me. 
She and I flew out to Arizona to meet my mom and we had exactly 24 hours to pick my dress. 
I remember how surreal it was to walk into that little bridal shop and know that I'd be trying on all those gorgeous dresses. 
We met our sale lady and discussed budget and styles. 
The only thing I knew for sure was that I didn't want a big poofy ball gown, so she grabbed a bunch of different styles for me to try.

^^We learned quickly that the dresses with sleeves fit really awkward on my body. The fuller skirts weren't really doing it for me either. 
^^we decided that getting a strapless dress and then having a jacket made with sleeves was a better option for me.  
^^This dress was one of my favorites. 
^^I loved the lacy details and the overall shape of the dress. 

^^A funky, fitted dress. The sale lady told me I was the perfect model height for the dresses and didn't need any alterations for length. Yah for being tall! 
^definitely wasn't feeling it. 
While I was getting in and out of dresses, my sister handed our sales lady a drawing she had done and the lady looked at it and said that she had the exact dress!
So she pulled it out for me and I put it on
and lo and behold, 

It was MY DRESS! 
^^having my MOMENT!!! 
^I fell in LOVE!
^Momma and I both a little teary eyed

It was so perfect in every way. 
I didn't need a single alteration. 
I ended up getting a bolero jacket made with the same lace appliqué as the dress. 
I'm SO grateful that my momma and sister brought a camera along and documented this experience for me. Six years later, it's so fun to look back and see how it all came together! 
The ONLY issue that we came across come wedding day, was that the jacket snaps didn't quite line up how they were supposed to. 
I don't know why we didn't catch it beforehand, but it caused weird gapping and it wouldn't just wouldn't lay right. It's apparent it a lot of our photos. 
there was lots of "tucking and stuffing" breaks between pics haha!  
Other than that little hiccup , it was truly perfect. 
Right now its currently hanging in a garment bag in my closest. 
I pull it out occasionally just to oogle at it. 
The babies call it my "princess dress"
Someday when i'm out of this squishy/nursing/baby making stage,  I'd love so slip it back on. 
I also want to do a photo session with the girls in it soon. 
We will see. 

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