Thursday, March 17, 2016

Home Tour // The Toy Room

Days after I posted the living room tour, I found the most PERFECT new rug at HomeGoods. 
The only bummer was that it would only fit if we switched rooms around. 
I was reluctant at first but now that its been switched for a few weeks, I'm obsessed with the new layout. 
 It feels like it should have always been this way. 
 (all it took was a new rug ha!)

So here it is, the new and improved TOY ROOM! 
This is the kids domaine. 
They are free to pull out all the toys, books, blankets/whatever as long as they stay in this room. 
We have two clean up times per day// Right before naps and before bedtime. 
That basket is our designated down stairs laundry basket that I bring up to empty every night. 
Between all of the cloth diapers and dirty clothing from being in the backyard, It saves us a million trips up the stairs everyday. 
I purchased this table waaaaaay back when Rem was little nugget. We stained it a few years back and it has held up nicely with all the beating it gets. 
The babies spend lots of time looking at their books here or having tea parties! 
Easter banner is from Target last year. I'm not sure what i'll hang there when the holiday is over.
 I love the bright pops of color though. 
This teepee is one of my favorite purchases for the babies. We got it for Olive's first birthday and the kids have played in it almost every day since. It's HUGE and it's so nice to have the space to set it up all the way. 
We got this couch for FREE from a neighbor who was moving away. It matches our sectional perfectly! We got a set of couch legs to add to it and it made all the difference. I love having a comfy place to sit while the babies play. 
That stupid cut out fits the toy shelf perfectly! I saw this shelving unit all over Pinterest and I loved how it looked. It was one of the our first Ikea purchases when we moved in. Growth chart was a DIY project a few years back. Frances keeps knocking it off the wall, so we have yet to find a better solution. Cloud pillow here. 
Blue organizer boxes are from Walmart. They fit there perfectly and they came in at ton of different colors and patterns. I went with the cheaper ones because I knew they would be destroyed by the babies. You can see the ware and tear in this pic. Frances likes to kneel on them when they are opened!
Note- the books almost NEVER look like this. I'll organize them every so often, but most the time they are just thrown in there #reallife
Toy Organization
Each baby has a designated bin. Left to Right// Olive, Rem, (oversized toys) & Frances
We have worked really hard to keep the amount of toys to a minimum. 
It's part of our transitioning to quality vs quantity and a clutter free home!  
(I'll go into more deets with all of that in another post) 
The bins get dumped out multiple times a day, so the toys hardly ever get put back away in their actual designated bins. It's a work in progress, but we are getting there! 
I love how open this room is to the kitchen now! 
I got these ginormous unframed cork boards from Home Depot. I wanted a place where we could display the kids art as well as take up a huge blank wall space. I think it hits both requirements nicely! (I got the idea off Pinterest, so I can't take full credit)  
This bin holds all the stuffed animals/soft toys. 
Rocking moose and push cart from IKEA! 

Other things to note-
We have a drawer in the TV dresser where we store puzzles, boards games and other little doodads that only get pulled out under total supervision. 
We also have a huge box of mega blocks, a box of wooden train tracks, a car mat, a collapsable tunnel and an electric train set that we keep stored in our front closet. 
Those toys are also only brought out one at a time and under supervision. 

So there it is-

Next up our crossfit garage gym!
Fran wanted to say hi! 

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Pop ´N´ Roll said...

All the blue that exists in the sea are in her eyes.
Her look is like a wave that atracts us saying com on!
May she has all the happiness of the world and that she grow up to be a nice and beautiful woman.

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