Thursday, March 10, 2016

Remington's birthday weekend and an Interview!

Rem wanted me to make him blue!
Since Remington's birthday fell on a Thursday this year, we decided to extend the celebration all weekend long!
I wrapped his gifts and decorated the night before and he woke up SO excited!
The theme was "blue lighting" which he picked himself.
He has a pair of blue puma tennis shoes that light up when he walks and it has a lightening bolt on the side, hence the phrase "blue lighting"was born.
He says his shoes make him "blue lighting fast"
Oh man, I just love four year olds!
Anyways, Thursday morning David ran and grabbed donuts.
We sang Happy Birthday, ate breakfast together and opened presents before David left for work.

He was so stoked to have his very own weight set!! Now he can really do WODs with us :)

Since it was also my little sister Natassja's 18th birthday, we met up with my family for dinner at an Italian Restaurant called "Buca di Beppo" (the babies thought that it was so fun to say and literally lol'd all weekend saying it over and over)
The food and service was TERRIBLE!!!
(soo so bad!)
but it was fun to meet up with the family.

The birthday duo!

On Saturday Remington finally decided he wanted a blue cookie cake with blue candles so thats what he got!

We also squeezed in his annual birthday interview!
He got so quiet and shy in front of the camera,  but I love his little voice and his honest answers. I can't believe how much he as grown up from last year.

And thats a wrap for the birthday posts this month.

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Angie Center said...

We had so much fun watching this!! Remington you are so cool! Jacob and Rebekah want you to make more movies so they can get to know you. Jacob says that superhero show is one of his favorites too! We love you all!!

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