Friday, April 22, 2016

11 months with Frances Pearl

Dear Frances, 
All of the sudden you looking way more toddler than baby. 
Your little squish is slowly starting to fade and you are leaning out so much. 
(I blame the early walking)
At eleven months old you love to dance! 
You bend your knees up and down and bob your head to any kind of music. 
You like to try to put on your own shoes and brush your hair. 
You suddenly became aware of your headbands and pull them off constantly. 
You LOVE LOVE LOVE bouncy balls!
Squealing at every ball bin we come across. 
At home you are always carrying some sort of ball in your hand. 
You also love baby dolls and books.  
You like to ruffles Olives feathers by pulling her hair or pushing her out of the way, sometimes it seems as though it's just to get a reaction from her.  
She squeals and you laugh! 
You get super jealous when I snuggle your siblings and even push them out of the way. 
You love sitting by Remington in the car. 
He takes such good care of you, making sure you have everything you need to be comfortable on our outings. 
This month you had a few nights where you slept clear till 5am!
I woke up in the middle of the night frantic "WHERE IS THE BABY!?"
and there you were snoozing away in the pack n play haha.
Most nights you're up 1-2x for boobies. 
You are starting to point at everything-you press your thumb and pointer finger together to do it. 
You're eating so much more food now and only nursing about 3-4x a day. 
I'm pretty sure you are still the littlest Olsen nugget (although your stats are still in the high 90s percentile)
You just seem so teeny tiny walking around with your giant siblings. 
I love your scrunch face and your little teethy grin! 
Your hair is coming in super thick and super dark!
I love the contrast with those gorgeous big baby blues. 
Can't wait to celebrate with you next month-
Love you Frances P!


Olsen Baby 11 month comparisons

Remington at 11 months here and Olive here. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Our house was hit with the plague at the beginning or April.
One after another, each baby took their turn with the sniffles, then high fevers, non stop coughing followed by copious amounts of mucus. We even had some barf and diarrhea added to the mix.
Fran struggled the most, coughing so hard she was dry heaving. It was scary and we didn't sleep much that week.
Of course it all took place right about my birthday, so we stayed in and watched Netflix and ate cheesecake till we got sick. 

Now that everyone is feeling better, we've been filling our days with random stuff.
Some days we are out and about, others we are content relaxing at the house.
Our routine is pretty flexible at this stage of our lives and I'm totally enjoying it.
The days we do get out, I try to get out the door first thing in the AM so we don't die in the heat.
This week we already have days getting close to the triple digits.

I've been keeping busy doing fun little projects around the house.
How cute is this cart/shelf unit I found for the girls room!?
Once a week I peace out after the kids go down and shop around my favorite home stores to scope out the sales.
 Olive helped pick out her purple lamp. Its a touch on/off one and she LOVES IT
 I found that rainbow piggy bank for $5 and thought it would be so cute on that little cart.
I've also been spending EVERY nap time backing up all my photos.
I can't believe how long/never ending this process is, but I'm so freaked out my hard drive or computer is going to crash and I don't want to lose it all. 
Speaking of nap time...
All the kids go down in the afternoon for nap/quiet time. 
We've been sloooooowly moving Frances over to the crib. 
We were doing pretty well until everyone got sick but now that she's sleeping for longer stretches at night, i'm ready to have my bed back. 
What else is new with Fran? 
Well, she will get her own 11 month update post later this week.
She's starting to look more like a tall lanky toddler than a squishy baby. 
It's kinda sorta breaking my heart. 

Remington has been so awesome.
I think we are pretty much over the worst part of the super/mega/threenager tantrums and he has been so fun to be around.
He talks non-stop and always ask a million questions.
He sounding out words on signs as we drive by them and making connections with letters/sounds all the time!
I love seeing his little brain work.
For our little home pre-school time, we are going to tackle numbers and then start lower case letters.(his request)

She's been struggling the last few days.
We have lots of sass and lots of tears.
It's hard being two and a half and even harder being two and a half AND being a middle child.
I pray for patience and understanding with this one on the daily (sometimes hourly)
Back to back toddler stages are not for the faint of heart.
On her good days, she's so fun to be around.
I love her to pieces.
Dave is still working his buns off at work and with his masters program. 
He will officially be done next February!
Thursday nights he's been playing church ball with guys in the ward.
We went to a few of the earlier games and it was fun to watch him play. 
I always joke with him that its like watching all the the "uncle ricos" reliving their sports glory days. haha! 
After the babies go to bed he and I spend almost all of our nights out in the garage gym working on our fitness.
We love having that time together.
So that's whats new around here! 
Things we are looking forward to in the upcoming months// 

MAY // Frans first birthday! We are doing a pastel/gold flowery theme. 
 My baby brother Jake getting married! We are excited for a fun weekend up in St. George with all of the family. 

JULY// Our one year of living in AZ! (where did that time go!?)
Our 10 day vacay to California where we will be visiting my bumpa, grandma and family/seeing all the sights AND I will be once again reunited with my BFFFFFFFF KATE. 

I can't wait. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

a nursing photo session

I've been wanting to do a nursing session for FOREVER! 
It's been such a HUGE part of my life the past couple years and I've come a long way. 
My breastfeeding journey started with Remington, then continued on through my pregnancy with Olive, which then led to tandem nursing both baby Olive and Remington. 
Then the self weaning started after we lost our baby and then Frances was born and it all started again. 

I've been nursing for almost 4 years straight and it has been such an amazing part of motherhood. 
I want to remember these moments forever. 

I hope there are more babies and many more years of breastfeeding in my future <3 nbsp="" p="">

Photos captured by Ashley Haxby Photography 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Family Photos

Love these shots we got from our family session last weekend!
Even with less than enthusiastic babies, they still turned out pretty cute. 
Thanks Ashley!

//Photos by Ashley Haxby at Ashely Haxby Photography //
^^ Rem was pretty vocal that he was not feeling it right from the get go. The girls mastered the blank stare too, haha!
^^A little better from the babies
^This took a lot of bribing 
^this one too
^Ordering prints for this one ASAP
^^Nice try babies, you're not fooling anyone. 

^^How pretty is the desert landscape!? 
^^Those close mouth smirks...clearly, they were over it. 

The end. 

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