Friday, April 22, 2016

11 months with Frances Pearl

Dear Frances, 
All of the sudden you looking way more toddler than baby. 
Your little squish is slowly starting to fade and you are leaning out so much. 
(I blame the early walking)
At eleven months old you love to dance! 
You bend your knees up and down and bob your head to any kind of music. 
You like to try to put on your own shoes and brush your hair. 
You suddenly became aware of your headbands and pull them off constantly. 
You LOVE LOVE LOVE bouncy balls!
Squealing at every ball bin we come across. 
At home you are always carrying some sort of ball in your hand. 
You also love baby dolls and books.  
You like to ruffles Olives feathers by pulling her hair or pushing her out of the way, sometimes it seems as though it's just to get a reaction from her.  
She squeals and you laugh! 
You get super jealous when I snuggle your siblings and even push them out of the way. 
You love sitting by Remington in the car. 
He takes such good care of you, making sure you have everything you need to be comfortable on our outings. 
This month you had a few nights where you slept clear till 5am!
I woke up in the middle of the night frantic "WHERE IS THE BABY!?"
and there you were snoozing away in the pack n play haha.
Most nights you're up 1-2x for boobies. 
You are starting to point at everything-you press your thumb and pointer finger together to do it. 
You're eating so much more food now and only nursing about 3-4x a day. 
I'm pretty sure you are still the littlest Olsen nugget (although your stats are still in the high 90s percentile)
You just seem so teeny tiny walking around with your giant siblings. 
I love your scrunch face and your little teethy grin! 
Your hair is coming in super thick and super dark!
I love the contrast with those gorgeous big baby blues. 
Can't wait to celebrate with you next month-
Love you Frances P!


Olsen Baby 11 month comparisons

Remington at 11 months here and Olive here. 

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