Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Party for Frances!

Francie's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year! We decided to wait till Saturday to celebrate so the entire family could come!
 I realized that after looking back at the other babies first birthday parties, there seems to be a few things I keep coming back to that's made every party successful. 
(Remington's here, Olive's here

1. Fun tissue paper projects! It's a cheap and easy way to add bright colors. 
2. Fresh flowers. You can never go wrong.
3. Brightly colored and yummy flavored drinks. Any fun way to decorate and go along with your theme/color scheme. 
4. Good food! We usually go pretty simple with the food. The chicken salad sandwiches where a hit this year! 
5. Fun friends and family! Living close to family makes birthday parties that much more fun. 
^^The spread. Love all those bright colors!
^^boxed lemon cake mix and homemade cream cheese frosting! I ran out of frosting when it came time to finish the cake so the "minimal look" was totally not intentional. BUT I heard that's super in right now so, go me! 
^^Sparkling lemonade. The peach flavor was the best. 
^Frans whole color scheme was planned around those cute little party hats that I found from target. 
^^Tutorial I used to make the giant flower here. 
^^1-12 month photos. I can't even. 
^^Frans stink face. 
^^my party people
^^Mimi trying to get a pic with the babies. They weren't cooperating.

^^Waiting for her cake. 
^^Singing happy birthday! The only pic I got with all of us. Whoops!
Happy Birthday Franny girl,
We love you

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