Thursday, May 26, 2016

St. George!

We spent last weekend in St. George, Utah celebrating the marriage of my baby brother Jakey and his new wife Alex!

We headed out on the 6 hour drive as soon as David got out of work. 
I drove the entire way as I felt super car sick sitting anywhere else in the van. 
The babies didn't do too bad...
We had lots of movies, coloring stuff and yummy snacks we never buy to keep them occupied. 
The worst part was transferring the half asleep kids to the hotel room. 
Olive screamed, I mean SCREAMED while we were bringing her up. 
It literally sounded like we were murdering her. 
We walked as fast as we could to our room like, don't mind us, AH!

We woke up to the most beautiful weather!
We got up and got everyone dressed to eat breakfast. 
Olive once again had a major screaming meltdown.
(she didn't get to push the button for the cereal)
After breakfast we let the kids run around the beautiful hotel grounds for awhile. 
They were obsessed with the grass. 
Rem was rolling down the little hills, totally in heaven. 
I snuck out for an hour afterwards to cash in my mother's day pedicure! 
I found the nicest little spa and totally enjoyed the pampering. 
Literally 2 seconds after I took this pic, Fran ran over and stepped on my toes, thus ruining my gorgeous new french tip. 
I wasn't even mad. 
I was like oh well, this is my life. 
We met up with my parents for lunch at the busiest Chifila I've ever been to.
We talked last min to-do list before the wedding the next day and divided and conquered. 
For the rest of the afternoon, we met up with the rest of the family and the kids had a blast playing outside. 
Fran always trying to escape. 
Remi's throne!
That night we checked into our other hotel. 
After we had unpacked all of our stuff, we went for a late night swim. 
When we got back we noticed that our A/C wasn't working. 
So we had to lug all of our crap to a new room. 
They upgraded us to a huge family suite but it was NASTY and OLD and the only windows in the room looked out into the dark hallway. 
I was so grossed out but so tired, we all passed out pretty quick. 
Saturday morning I was up bright and early getting ready for the 8:40 am sealing. 
(who gets married that earllllyyyyy bleh) 
I was excited to spend some time with David in the temple but our babysitter flaked and he had to stay with the kids. 
I LOVE it so much. I actually had it custom made from here. 
I will def be ordering some more stuff from this lady because her work is and super affordable. 
Had to snap a pic of the cute toddler cuddling up before I left. 
The newlyweds! 
The sealing was absolutely beautiful. 
I can't believe its been 6.5 years since Dave and I were kneeling across the alter. 
Me, Jakey, Momma and Jocelyn
Uncle Wynn and Bumpa!

After the sealing we headed over to Great Grandmas house for the luncheon that my momma put on. 

Our favorite uncle John got lots of lovin on the kids! They were eatin it  up!
We headed back to the hotel for naps before the reception but we first stopped to pull together a little "honeymoon essential kit" for the newlyweds. 
I love putting these must-have grab bags together for our friends and family. 
Olive took lots of naps in the car. 
Reception time!
(Saturday was a LONG day)
The kids were pretty over the festivities by the time evening started. 
Cute little flower/bullet boutonnieres. 
Over it. 
Holy hot husband! 
Counsin shanners!!!
And they newlyweds rode off into the night! 

We got up, got ready and got right on the road. 
Driving home felt like it took FOREVERRRRRRRRR!
But we made it safely and today I finally just got the clothing and suitcases packed away haha!
It was definitely a fun filled weekend with the family.

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