Tuesday, June 21, 2016

surviving my 5th first trimester

Our first purchase for our little Arizona bebe!

David told me the other day the he had calculated that I have been pregnant at some point every calendar years since 2011...
I was like oh my hell, my poor body!

This first trimester has pretty much kicked my butt. 
Comparing them all, i'd say this has been my sickest one, BUT I think only because it took freaking forever to find a medication that worked for me. 
I'm down 15lbs in the first few weeks and I've survived solely on rice and mashed potatoes. 

As far as the nausea meds go, Dicelgis made me fall asleep standing up (not good when you're responsible for three other human beings all day haha) and Zofran gave me instant migraines (so bad that I wished to be nauseous again) 
I finally got on Phenergan and it has worked miracles! (well, I guess depending on the day.) 
On top of that, my first Drs office was a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE to work with...
I could never get ahold of nurses, they always forgot to call in my RXs, lost my paperwork etc. 

At 7.5 weeks I tripped and fell down the stairs. I went in to get checked out by one of the 25 Drs at the practice who pretty much told me, "well, if you lose the baby, theres really nothing we can do"
I was freaking out and totally put off by her cold, uncaring beside manner. 
Baby turned out to be fine and we have since transferred to an amazing new office where I will see the same Dr. for every appointment from here to delivery. 

Let me tell you, I miss my sleepy little Idaho town and my amazing family/OB Dr. EVERY SINGLE DAY.  
Finding Drs. offices and staff that you jive with is pretty much the worst. 

So yah, first trimester i've pretty much lived on my couch.
The all the day nausea and extreme exhaustion have about killed me off. 
I felt so bad because the kids don't leave the house at all except for their half hour swim lessons in the morning and church on Sunday. 
The heat makes me more sick so I've literally been a hermit. 

David has been picking up the slack as much as he can and hasn't complained one bit. 
I can tell the kids are restless but they don't complain about the extra tv time and eating snacks in the living room, haha!
Survival mode I tell you.
This week has been the first time i've been able to muster up enough energy to take care of basic housework. I can't believe how bad it got. I didn't realize how much I did before I couldn't do it anymore. 

This week i've also been able to eat at little bit more. 
I've been craving ALL THE SALTY and SAVORY things//Beef jerky, pickles, olives, hard boiled eggs, bbq chips, beans and rice, steak and hamburger meat. YUM

Any and all sweets literally make me gag//Fruit, cookies, ice cream and even my favorite greek yogurt. BARF

This pregnancy has been the worst for super sensitive nose. I pick up every little wiff of nasty scent and it sends me over the edge. 

I'm hoping everything eases up in the next few weeks. I'm ready to feel like myself again!

Next month we are finding out the sex of our baby!
Our Dr. wants to scan at 16weeks herself because she said the U/S techs in her office are lame at the 20 weeks scan and won't spend time finding the sex. 
I'm super excited!
Has only one found out that early via ultrasound? 
I have no idea how accurate it is at that point lol

Next month we also have our big California vacation to look forward too. 
I'm excited to get out of this literal HELL HOLE. 
It's never ok to be this hot. 
I will NEVER be an Arizona girl...

Anyways, here's to the next 6 months. 
I hope they go by FAST. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Olive Lou says...

{After David blows her a goodnight kiss from the door way} " I DON'T WANT YOUR KISS!!!"

{After asking her to do anything} "DON'T TALK TO MEEEE!!!" 

{After telling her that is is being a little stubborn} "I AM NOT, I AM BEING NAUGHTY!" 

{After getting annoying at something Frances did} "WHY SHE ALWAYS DO DAT?!" 

Lastly- she's been saying "baby" and "BAY-BEEEE" in a funny little twang that makes us all LOL.

Can you tell we are in a SPEAKING IN ALL CAPS phase?! 
Can't believe she's turning THREE next month. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fathers Day

Can I just take a minute and acknowledge how HOT my babies daddy is!?
My kids are so lucky to have an amazing father figure like him. 
He has set the bar HIGH for my expectations of what a man and father should be like. 
I thank God everyday for putting him in my life. 
He has totally taken over the last few months while I've been so sick with this pregnancy. 
He goes non stop, day and night to make sure everything is provided for us. 
He works so hard at school, work and at home. 
His only request for this Fathers Day is a long uninterrupted nap after church, haha!
I think you MORE than deserve babe-
We love you! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


    We are happy to announce that another little Olsen baby will be joining us this winter!

My due date is December 30 to be exact. With my previous track record of delivery dates we       are thinking baby might be here by Christmas! That would be the BEST gift. Who really          knows though. I don't really want to be spending Christmas in a hospital... Let's be honest,          December is kind of a crappy month to have a birthday in. Maybe i'll hold out till Jan 1 and      have the first baby of the year! That would be cool too, but for tax purposes, I hope he/she decides to come this year, haha.

So yayyyy, another baby!! Four under FOUR. Definitely wasn't the "plan." In fact this pregnancy was completely a surprise. (I know, I know...I get a lot of eye-rolls on this one) But really truly it was not expected. (Later ovulation dates then normal if you must know).  I was happy to wait another year or three before we even started talking about having another. I was excited to give my body a little break before we knocked out the next few. But alas, here we are!
We were shocked for a few days but that wore off quickly and has been replaced with LOTS of excitement. We are thrilled! Babies are a blessing and we want at least a half dozen of them, so why not now?

The kids are pretty ecstatic. Rem's like "this better be a baby brother or i'm going to be mad". Olive votes for another baby sister and Fran doesn't know whats going on of course. She and the new baby will be about 19 months apart (my second closest age gap behind Olive and Rem at 16 months apart) but she still seems like such a little baby to me! 

Holy cow...
Four kids under four...
Bring it on. 
itty bitty BABY!!!!!!!

and just for fun previous pregnancy announcements here , here and here
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