Sunday, July 31, 2016

Olive's Donut Party!

We threw a super low key donut party for Olive's third birthday! 
This girl is obsessed with donuts, so now it's turned into a birthday tradition. 
We had my family over early Saturday morning to sing and celebrate. 
Here's a dozen grainy iphone photos from her party (because sometimes, it's just easier lol) 
^^She looks SO MUCH OLDER HERE!! 
^^obsessed with her custom donut "cake" from donutsville
^^dese my birfday presents right?
^^Fran was taking her morning nap so she missed out on all the photos. Whoops. 
^^Love that smile! 
^^Aunty Tasha haha 
^^she's like srsly, get that damn phone outta my face. 
^^Opening gifts. She scored this year. 

Happy third birthday LOU!

And just for fun,

Monday, July 25, 2016

California Vacay Part 3 // KATE

We did a lot of fun things the week we were in California but the highlight of my entire trip was definitely meeting up with my girl Kate! I'm actually ashamed I haven't written more about her here on the blog because she's been such a huge part of my life the last few years. 
^Summer 2008 
She was of the very first people I met when I started school up at BYU-Idaho eight years ago (this month! ahh) 

We were in both in the freshman orientation group doing a tour of campus on that very first day. I remember giving her a compliment on her beautiful glitter toe pedicure and we started chatting, realized we were next door neighbors in the dorms and the rest is history!

 Over the last eight years we've been together as we dated goober boys, worked out and trained together, met and then married our spouses, earned our degrees, moved away and then back again, became next door neighbors once more, had babies, lost babies and had more babies again. 

We don't go more than 45 minutes with out checking in and texting each other every day. To my babies she is Auntie Kate. She is my person and I am so so grateful that our paths crossed all those years ago. She is truly a solid rock in my life and I'm so so grateful for her! 

So before I get overly emotional, here are a million photos from the three shorts hours that we were able to met up last week. I love you Kate! 
^^All the babies!! 
^^Fran had fallen asleep on the drive up and was super GRUMPY the entire time. 
^^She's like who is this guy and why is he touching me?
^^The day Olive was born, Kate stayed at the hospital over night with me so David could go be with Remington. It was such a special night that I will always remember. 
^^Tired and hot from the sun!
^^Graham was all over Fran and Fran did not appreciate it! 
^^Look at that face!!! And that duck on the right...didn't leave us alone. 
^^Making friends 
^^Frances got a little too excited about the ducky and fell off the bench. whoops! 
^^You wanna come back to my place later?
Frans body language. She could not get away. 
^^Love these nuggets! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

California Vacay Part 2// Monterrey Bay Aquarium and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and decided that since we were already in Monterrey, that we should hit up the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. I've been going to this place for YEARS! Since my family is local to the area, they get year round passes and we always got to go enjoy the aquarium every time we came to visit. We took the two older babies two years ago when we came down for Jocelyn's wedding but this time since they were a little older, I think they enjoyed it even more. We got there pretty early and the whole place was PACKED. There were SO many people. Most of them were european tourists and they were super rude about pushing the kids out of the way so they could take their million photos of each stinking animal. I was super frustrated and just kept pushing the kids up to the front so they could see. I couldn't believe how rude some of the people were being. Besides that, the kids totally enjoyed it. Rem even got brave enough to hold some of the little sea creatures in his hand at the hands on exhibit. David wore Fran and she practically slept through the entire thing. 
^^looking out at the divers. 
^^So I didn't bring any maternity pants bc they're still a little too big for my bump so I grabbed my jeggings instead. Only I didn't realize till I look back at these pics that they totally cut my bump in half, giving me some serious unflattering bumpage. No one else can probably even tell, but I was embarrassed lol. 
^^Obligational clam photo. The kids were thrilled. 
^^We stopped midday through to grab lunch at the cafe inside. It was insanely busy and way overpriced but you don't deny a preggo her food. We had to wait for a table to clear before we could eat and there were literally a few tables where people where just sitting down on their phones and weren't eating food. I was SO annoyed and gave lots of "you better get moving or i'm going to eat you" stares. 
The food though...OMG it was the best thing we ate all week. I got the loaded chicken Caesar and it was the best salad of my entire life. Worth every dollar haha. 
^Checking out the fishies!
^^Fran was squealing and babbling the whole time.  
^^I love her face in this one

^^family shot on the deck
^^I felt like it was a perfect day to wear my starfish earrings. 
^^Waiting for Dad to grab the car. Grumpy Gus olive was ready for a nap. 
^^No one cooperating for the last photo of the day. And those jeggggggginssss...aren't doing my bump any favors. Never again. 

Tuesday morning we got up and headed to my auntie Liz's house. She has two girls that are just a year older than Remi. We talked and caught up while the babies played outside. I love that all my little cousins included my babies in everything that they did. It was nice to not have to entertain them 24/7. Afterwards we went home for naps and then got ready for an evening at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Monday and Tuesday's nights during the summer season are retro night! Which means all the rides and games are $1 per point. So we prepaid our ride card with $20 (20points) thinking that that would be plenty of money to ride all the rides we wanted. We came up to the first ride, the carousel and saw that it was 3 points to ride. 6 points gone in 3 min just from one ride. I remember telling David, wait a sec, this is NOT as good of a deal as I thought it was. The next few kitty rides were between 3-4 points each and before we knew it our card was zeroed out! (or so we thought haha.)

We'd only been there about 30 min so I told David to go load $20 more dollars on. He came back and said that after he added the money it showed our total balance at $34! We were so confused but then we realized that all the rides were actually only $1 dollar despite what the point amount specified on each ride. Anyways, since the card was preloaded we went with it. It wasn't super crowded at all, in fact the kids walked onto every ride. We sent them over and over and over and by the end of the night they were begging to go home!!! We had SO much fun!!

I got way more video footage than photos that night (i'll be compiling that all into a trip video later haha) 
but here's a few snapshots! 
^^Rem thought the boat ride on the water was SO cool. 
^^Snack break! 
^^I love her scrunch face
^little lou is my twin. Cleavage and all lol!
^^Trying to get a pic in front of the Giant Dipper Coaster. My aunt dolly took me when I was like 7 or 8 years old. It was the first roller coaster I had ever been on. 
^^Tantrums in progress
^^Do we have to ride this again??
^^Dave showing off his strength with a sleeping baby on his back. #hotdad
^^The kids took turns riding the log ride with David so we hung out eating yummy, sticking suckers while we waited. 
^^Pure terror
^^seriously makes me LOL every time. 
It started to get busy around 10pm. The kids were tired and cold so we headed home. We still had $7 left on our card so we passed it off to another family. We clocked 7 miles in the 5 hours that we were there! It was def a night for the books. 
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