Thursday, July 21, 2016

17 weeks, the gender ultrasound and other updates

We are having another BOY!!!!

We are SO SO SO excited! Remington especially, he hasn't stopped talking for a second about his baby brother. "Is he going to sleep on my bunk bed?", "He can put his clothes in my dresser, i'll make room!", "I'm so excited for MY baby brother!"He gets defensive when Olive says he's her baby too, haha. Now that the kids are a little bit older and understand more, it makes everything a lot more fun!

After our first horrible experience on Tuesday with our nasty ultrasound tech, we scheduled an appointment at a non-diagnostic imaging place that just specializes in gender ultrasounds! It was SO awesome. The babies all tagged along and they loved being able to see the baby in my belly. Remington thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Little man was super relaxed and nuzzled right into me. He was head down and face towards my spine with his legs crossed at the ankles! (reminded me so much of Remington's gender ultrasound

The technician said it was one of the most difficult babies he had worked with in a long time! The little guy was super comfortable. The tech was actually excited and totally up for the challenge. I had to get up and move around a lot, push on my belly and hold my breath a few times but eventually we got THE shot. And there was NO doubt that he was a HE! Remington's initial reaction was my absolute favorite! (shared over on Instagram @msjessicae) 

After the appointment we headed over to Baskin Robbins for a scoop of ice-cream to celebrate! Then I made David drive us over to Old Navy so I could browse the baby boy clothing. I got rid of a ton of Remington's baby clothing because so much of it was trashed from his terrible acid reflux. A lot of it was hand me downs too that wouldn't have lasted another baby so I'm super excited to update this little mans wardrobe! 

Tomorrow I hit the 17 week mark which is totally crazy. I can't believe I'm almost half way done!? The past few weeks have been night a day as far as the nausea goes. My energy levels are pretty much back to normal now. Now it's just a matter of surviving this damn Arizona heat. We all miss being COLD in Cali and being able to be outside all day everyday...It already feels like the distant past..whomp whomp. 

There's nothing really super exciting to look forward to in the near future, just going about our little daily routine. JK Olive's third birthday is in like 10 days!? I need to pull something together quick. Last year we moved in on her birthday so I'd feel super bad for bumming out on it this year too. 

I'm picking up on our homeschool preschool lessons again now that i'm feeling a million times better. We are going to try and make weekly visits to the library too. Rem wants to read and write SO bad so I'm trying hard to keep up with his desire to learn. We are also looking into getting him started in gymnastics soon- Olive can start up when she's three and a half. I think they'll both really enjoy that. 

Oh and Frances is 100% transitioned over to the crib in Olives room!!! We laugh because of how much of a  non-issue it was for her. We were so worried it was going to be a problem with the girls waking each other up. I think that all of us sleeping in the same room for a week on vacay totally helped. I'm so glad we have three amazing sleepers! (and I might add that not one night were they ever left to cry to themselves sleep :) 

Whelp, that's the update over here! 
And now for some bump pics because that's really why anyone looks at these posts anymore, HA!
17 weeks and the bump is emerging! 

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