Sunday, July 24, 2016

California Vacay Part 1// Wedding and Beach Day

^^Rest stop somewhere outside of LA. We had In and Out and the babies ran off their wiggles^^

I shared a bunch of our California trip pics and stories on Instagram but after unloading the camera when we got home, there was just so much more I wanted to share and not forgot- So bare with me as I break down our vacation into a million posts. 

We've been home from our California vacation for a week now and we are all totally experiencing the post vacation blues! TAKE ME BACK! Our main purpose for the trip was to celebrate the marriage of my cousin Dustin and his new bride Savannah. We decided to make it our big vacation for the year and stay for a few days afterwards. We got up super early (5am) on Friday morning and made the 10 hour trek over. It took us just over 12 hours with all the stops. The car ride over was pretty rough- there are only so many movies and books and snacks to throw at the babies before they become unconsolable (i'm looking at you Franny.) That girl has always hated being in her carseat. Every time she'd fall asleep for a nap, she'd wake up PISSED that she was still in the car. haha. Anyways, we survived (barely) and pulled into our hotel in Seaside, CA later that evening. We grabbed dinner, settled into our room and passed out for the evening. 

Saturday evening was the grand wedding celebration! We relaxed all day, swam in the pool and took long naps to prepare for the long night ahead. We had SO much fun. The Jo Sharino Band entertained us all night and we danced our buns off. If my family knows how to do anything, it's put on a FUN wedding. We LOVE to dance. The kids were out on the dance floor all night and finally by 9:30 David dragged them up to bed. I stayed to boogie with my mom and sister. By the end of the night, I literally had to crawl back up to the hotel room. It was the first time in three months that i'd been that "physical" (terrible morning sickness remember?) and the next day I could barely move, I was SOOO sore. HAHA! That's a sign of a good time ;) 

Anyways, here we are all dressed up for the wedding! 
^^Olive smelling some flowers 
^^Olive giving me some attitude about who knows what. 
^^Looking at all the Koi fish in the pond. 
^^I caught the ladies in the back checking out Dave, haha! I don't blame them he totally rocks the suspenders. 
^^My sweet Remi boy. 
^^Super sweaty selfie
^^Frans like get me outta here. 

Sunday everyone was heading back home and the party was just getting started for us. It was a beautiful cool day and we decided to head down to the beach for a reverent beach morning. I'm SO glad I remembered to pack a sweatshirt for everyone because we used them almost everyday. It was COLD down by the ocean. Of course Olive tripped with in 10 mins of us being there and got totally soaked from head to toe. We didn't stay long but it was fun for them to play and experience it. 
^^I LOVE all the colors in this. 
^^Playing in the sand
^^Running away from the waves. Rem was a little scared of the sand crabs that kept popping up haha. 
^^The moisture in the air did BEAUTIFUL things for this curls. He actually was mistaken for a girl in Cali more times than he ever has here in AZ. I was actually very surprised. I'm like look around at all these surfer boys and their long hair? What the heck!? 
^^Fran was totally content staying up away from the water by me. She didn't try to eat the sand either which I was worried about haha. 
^^Family at the beach. Can you tell we are cold? haha!

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