Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth of July!

Our Fourth of July celebration was super low key this year.
I tried so hard not be depressed that we weren't back in Rexburg.
It was nasty hot all weekend and we didn't feel like braving the heat of the crowds so we just did our own thing.
Friday was the first time we'd all gotten out of the house in a LONG time. We ran a few errands and then surprised the kids with a lunch at Olive Garden (they love eating there). Afterwards we picked up a few groceries for our BBQ and David grabbed a box of small fireworks!
On the way home I made him stop by this giant American Flag painting so we could take a few dozen photos.
Saturday morning we woke up and headed to our church building where our ward put on a pancake breakfast and tiny little parade for the babies!
Fran's like "get me outta here it's too damn hot" 
After naps we headed up to my Mom's house where we swam and ate to our hearts content! We had the whole place to ourselves since everyone was gone to Cali for the long weekend. 
Between swimming breaks, the babies downed popsicles and watermelon. There were just as good as I remember!
Awkwardly posing with ours lol.
The babies were so anxious to get the fireworks going so we pulled out the sparklers. They LOVED them. 
My parents came home just as the sun started to set and we all sat around the cul-de-sac to watch David set off the fireworks. 
The babies loved watching the sparks and listening to the sounds. 
Maybe next year we will attempt a big show-
hopefully we will be living in another state by then haha!

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