Sunday, July 31, 2016

Olive's Donut Party!

We threw a super low key donut party for Olive's third birthday! 
This girl is obsessed with donuts, so now it's turned into a birthday tradition. 
We had my family over early Saturday morning to sing and celebrate. 
Here's a dozen grainy iphone photos from her party (because sometimes, it's just easier lol) 
^^She looks SO MUCH OLDER HERE!! 
^^obsessed with her custom donut "cake" from donutsville
^^dese my birfday presents right?
^^Fran was taking her morning nap so she missed out on all the photos. Whoops. 
^^Love that smile! 
^^Aunty Tasha haha 
^^she's like srsly, get that damn phone outta my face. 
^^Opening gifts. She scored this year. 

Happy third birthday LOU!

And just for fun,

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