Wednesday, August 10, 2016

California Part 4 // Redwoods & Berry Picking

On our second to last day in California, we spent the morning with my Bumpa and Grandma up in the Redwood forest in Felton, CA. I have vivid memories of doing this little walk through the big tress as a kid. We took the Rem and Olive two years ago and they loved it just as much this time around. After the little loop we walked over to the Roaring Railroads camp and the kids got to pick out a sucker from the old fashioned candy shop. We then drove down onto the Santra Cruz Wharf and then headed over to Pizza My Heart for lunch. It was such a fun day spent with two of my very favorite people. I'm so glad my babies get to have a relationship with my grandparents. It means so much to me.

^^Grandma showing them the hollow tree

^^Walking Fran. She loved dragging her feet through the dirt. 

^^Bumpa and the babies

^Following their maps 

^^Their closed mouth smiles....haha! 

^^Cute little dancehall connected to the candy shop. 

Friday we drove down to Salinas where my Aunt Christina runs her Classic Salads business. We met up with my cousin Jordan, his wife Miranda and their two little nuggets. We spent the morning filling our buckets with juicy organic raspberries and strawberries. The kids totally loved it. Olive and Fran were filling their mouths faster than they filled their buckets haha. 

^^Gorgeous country!

^^Filling our load into baskets. 
^^Mouth full of strawberries

^^nom nom. 

^^We snacked on the berries our entire trip home! We actually almost finished our entire box BEFORE we even got home. They were so good and sweet they tasted like candy. We couldn't stop. 

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