Monday, August 22, 2016

Remington says

some gems I want to remember//

At a gas station grabbing treats
Rem//What did you get for your treat?
Me// Ice cream sandwich
Rem// (The most discussed look on his face) WHAT?! ICE CREAM SANDWICH?! EWWW what kid of bread do you use for that?
all of us laughing hysterically. 
Me// (I hold up my sandwich) It's two cookies with ice cream in the middle. 
Rem// OOOOOOOH! Yah, I gotta get me one of those next time. 


Driving down the road
Rem//Momma, why do we eat animals? Aren't they are friends?
Me// Yes some are, Heavenly Father created some of the animals for us to use for food like chickens and cows. 
Rem// But what about hot dogs? and corn dogs?! ARE THOSE MADE OUT OF DOGGIES!?!?
Me// LOLING....NO! those are made out of piggies. 
Rem//Wait....isn't sausauge and bacon made out of piggies too?
Me// yep. 
Rem// Wow, we eat a lot of piggies. 

Three hours after eating a peanut butter cup. 
Rem//Ewwww dad, my burps smell like peanut butter and it's grossssssss. 

Love this kid. 

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