Friday, October 14, 2016

29 weeks and what we've been up to lately...

I'm twenty-nine weeks and feeling exhausted! 
I still have energy bursts come here and there, but this week i've felt especially sleepy. 
I'm still in shock that I haven't experienced ANY aches and pains. 
I was well into the sore joints and lighting crotch stage at this point with the others. 
I mean, I'm not complaining...i'm just really surprised. 
Living in these mother hood maternity leggings! 
They are my favorite. 
One random symptom I've just finally gotten under control is daily massive nose bleeds. 
They'd start out of nowhere and continue forever. 
so. much. blood. 
It was a combination of my preggo sensitive nose capillaries, the nasty super dry Arizona air and my habitual nose picking. 
Finally got myself a humidifier for our room and they've come to a halt! (thank goodness)
I've been starting to crave ICE! 
Pebbled ice to be exact. 
David grabs me a giant 44oz cup of ice with a splash of caffeine free diet coke and I am good to go!
(can you believe i've been caffeine free for almost eight months?! neither can I. haha) 
Now that i'm in the third trimester, my appointments have switched to every two weeks. 
I don't remember going that often with the other kids-maybe I did, who knows. 
For some reason is seems so excessive, since i'm as healthy as can be. 
This pregnancy has been pretty easy besides those first couple sick months. 

I'm getting a tiny bit anxious about delivery to be honest. 
Mostly about getting family here to watch the kids in time so we can avoid an accidental home/car birth.

I literally had a nightmare about driving in the middle of the night with all the babies in their carseats, me laboring on hands and knees in the back and delivering baby boy right there in the van. 
It totally stressed me out. 
Fran's delivery was just SO fast that we've got to have some sort plan in place. 

Looking forward to my GIRLS TRIP with NO BABIES weekend getaway NEXT WEEK!
and then maternity photos when I get back.  
So other than the baby stuff, we really have been up to much. 
We attended my papa's 85th birthday this last weekend and everyone was like "what's up? what's new?"
and i'm like "literally nothing."

David is still applying for dozens of jobs every week. 
NOTHING has turned up so far. 
Praying for patience, because we KNOW the right one will come around eventually. 
He found out this week that he might have to retake his current class because his group tanked their park of a group project. 
His was perfectly scored mind you. 
I just can't even. 
WHY do group projects exist in MASTERS level classes!?
So- if that happens to be the case, that sets back graduation till APRIL. 
aka we are stuck here longer. 
I can't think too much about it or I get really upset. 
(he's petitioning the grade with his teacher, so we will know sooner or later)
^^From a date night a few weeks ago
Remington is about half way through leaning his lower case letters. 
He LOVES learning and practices writing on his own almost everyday. 
It's really funny to hear him teach Olive. 
He is SO patient with her when she asks a million questions. 
He just really is the best big brother and he is SO freaking excited for baby W to come!
^^Their favorite blocks!
^^in the bounce house

Olive is smack dab in the threenager stage. 
So. many. TEARS. TANTRUMS. THREATS (from her to us hahaha) 
One of my favorites from her is, 
She yells a lot and hates when things don't go her way. 
But we do get glimpses here and there of our sweet little Juicy and it ALMOST makes up for the hard stuff. 
She is going to be a donut princess for halloween and she can not contain her excitement. 
Franny pants is really starting to "talk"!
It's SO cute to hear her try and sound out words. 
She just turned 17 months but she still feels sooo much like a baby to me. 
It's still weird that there's going to be another soon. 
She LOVE her babies and always is dragging one around the house with her. 
A few days ago we were sitting down to dinner.
Everyone was starving and started to eat right away.
When I looked over at Fran, she was sitting there with her arms folded, waiting for us to say the prayer!
It was adorable and slightly embarrassing that our baby was reminding us to bless the food. 
whoops, haha!
So grateful for these little spirits of mine!

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