Saturday, October 1, 2016

diabetes, heart murmurs and a nursemaid elbow dislocation

It started with a routine trip to the Dr. 
The girls were behind on their well baby checks (whoops) so I made appointments where they could both be seen at the same time. For the past month we've noticed that Olive was all of the sudden displaying some symptoms of Type 1 diabetes and we wanted to make sure to get her checked out. 
Since I have immediate family members on both sides who have T1D, this was something we did not want to mess around with. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous going into the appointment. 

On the morning of the appointment, the kids were being especially well behaved so that helped calm my nerves a little. During Fran's check-up the Dr. discovered a heart murmur. She said it was pretty common for toddlers this age because their heart is trying to catch up in growth with the rest of their body. She didn't seem too concerned but wrote us a referral to go see a Cardiologist to get checked out just in case. 

They wanted to do a urine sample for Olive to check for glucose but she got stage fright and wouldn't pee in the cup haha. 
They sent one with us to do it at home and checked her blood levels instead. 
She was in the normal range (which is good news) but they'll check her urine first before they totally rule it out. 

Then it came time for Fran's vaccines. Girlfriend was PISSED. As soon as the nurse let her sit up, she ripped the bandaids off her legs and threw them at her and roared. The nurse then gave her some stickers and she threw those at her too! She calmed down pretty quick once she got her sucker. 

On the way home from the office Olive screamed "MOM, FRANCES IS TURNING BLUE!!!!!!"
I pulled over, jumped back, freaking out about what I would find. 
There was Fran, sitting in her seat all smug with her tongue sticking out, BLUE from the stupid sucker she had been sucking on. She giggled at me. 

My heart was racing and I couldn't help but chuckle. 
"Olive, don't SCARE me like that. You need to clarify next time." 


We went on with our day, nothing out of the ordinary. 
Dave came home, we did dinner and he did bath time like he does every night. 
After baths I heard Frances SCREAMING!
"What is going on, is she OK?"

Dave was trying to get her jammies on.
"Jess you need to look at this"

He brought her down and her left arm was hanging limp. 
It looked slightly longer than the other but just like hanging there. 
We tried to get her to move it but she wouldn't. 
She screamed anytime we got near it. 

Neither of us could think of what caused it.
Did she fall?
Did she land weird?
Is it broken?
Is it a vaccine injury!?

My momma mind was racing to all the worst case scenarios. 
Dave took her to an urgent care down the street while I stayed at home with the older two. 
I knew I would be ZERO help in my highly emotional state lol. 

Dave said it was a good thing I didn't go. 
They had to x-ray it before they made a diagnosis and he had to hold her down while she screamed. 
Thankfully no broken bones!
It was just an elbow dislocation commonly refereed to nursemaid elbow. 
It took the Dr. 6 attempts to pop in back in place. 
She screamed and cried so hard she almost passed out, but he got it!
Dave said within minutes she was walking around, using both arms like there was never a problem. 

When he got home, he says he remembers that when he sent the girls into get their Jammie's after baths, he heard them flighting over a necklace (pulling back and forth) which resulted in Olive yanking the necklace from Fran and lots of tears. So we think thats what caused the dislocation. 
Anyways, It was LONG DAY. 

I guess I should expect that with multiple babies, there will be multiple accidents, health scares and trips to the emergency room. 
It's just so hard seeing your little ones in pain. 
I'm just glad they are all ok. 
Hoping that everything comes back normal for Olive's diabetes testing! 
That is one that I really pray we don't have to worry about. 

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