Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Last weekend Kate, Carlie and I ditched our families and flew to Salt Lake City to celebrate the marriage of our old BYU-I room mate, Miriam! Since the wedding fell on a Friday, we decided months in advance that we needed to plan an entire girls weekend around it. We pinched our pennies and all went in on a hotel room in downtown SLC at the Radisson. 
I flew in early Thursday morning and the girls picked up me with a caffeine free diet coke and a swig cookie in hand! Literally the best way to kick off the trip. 
I had a super embarrassing mid-flight panic attack (I won't go into much detail because it traumatic and super ROUGH...I ended up having my Dr. call in some sedatives for my flight home ahhh)
We hung out at Kate's parents home in Orem, got our nails done, stopped at Target to pick up some items to make a HoneyMoon grab bag for Miriam and had dinner at Costa Vida!
Friday morning we got up early to get ready for the sealing. We made a stop by swig once again on the way up to the temple, haha! We got in a little early, so we had a few minutes to walk the grounds and hang out in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. 
After the beautiful sealing we basked in the glorious crisp fall weather and took a million photos of each other while we waited for the bride and groom to come out. Priorities ya know?
^^30 weeks!!! I'm obsessed with this wiggle dress from ASOS. Literally a new staple in my closet. It's super stretchy and I had tons of room to move around even with a giant bump. It'll be awesome for post baby squishy body too.  
After photos we checked into our hotel room, changed into comfy clothes and then hiked over to City Creek for lunch. We settled on Cheese Cake factory where I spent way to much money on a salad that I could only eat a few bites of (worst thing about third trimester when your eyes are bigger than your stomach.) The weather was so beautiful, we dinned outside on the patio. Everyone was pooped at that point we got our over priced cheesecake slices to go. 
I crashed hard for the rest of the afternoon. 
I was so tired!
That evening we got back in our wedding ware and headed to the reception. 
After the reception we gabbed and laughed and fell asleep way too early. 

Saturday morning we were all wide eyed and bushy tailed by 6:30am. 
We were cracking up at how different our schedules had become compared to our early college days. 
Mom life right?
We were laughing even harder when we opened our curtains and it was still pitch dark outside. HAHA!
We lounged in our room all morning and snacked on Costco muffins and Chex mix for breakfast. 
It wasn't until Noon-ish that we got ready to head back over to city creek. 
We stopped by Chick-Fil-A for lunch then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping!!!
We took way to  many dressing room selfies at Free People because we could not get over how pretty the rooms were. 
^^gorgeous right?? 

After shopping to our hearts content, we stopped by the entrance of City Creek for some more photos ops because, DUH. 

Later that night we grabbed PF Changs to go and ate dinner in our hotel room. 
By 9pm we were all ready for bed. 
Once again, loling at how lame we were. 

All in all, it was the PERFECT weekend, early bedtimes and all. 
It was exactly the little getaway/reconnection time I needed. 
We are already planning our next one!

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