Sunday, November 27, 2016

35 weeks and some maternity photos!

FIVE weeks left!
Single digit countdown, AHHH!!!
Honestly it still doesn't' feel real yet. 
I really think it wont hit me till i'm cursing through labor contractions. 
At 35 weeks I'm to the stage where it's super hard to get comfortable.
It doesn't matter if i'm sitting or laying.
He is SO HIGH up in my lung space, I CAN'T BREATH!
I toss and turn all night even though I take a unisom to help me sleep.
My body pillow helps but the not breathing thing SUCKS.
I'm ready for him to drop!
I'm have to pee constantly.
I'm already leaking copious amounts of colostrum. yay for nursing pads! 
Still able to get a handful of workouts in during the week espcailily now that the weather is cooling down. 
60 degree's feels AMAZING when you're this huge and pregnant. 
Still ZERO ligament pain!!!!?!?
color me shocked.
I don't know how that even happened.
I remember being in SO MUCH PAIN with the other kids.
Also haven't had a single Braxton Hick contraction...what the heck?
I've only gained back 11lbs of the 20lbs I initially lost. 
which once again,
color me shocked. 
So maybe that has something to do with it? And the fact that he's still super high?
Idk, i'm not complaining, just surprised. 
I did have a sore lower back for a few days after doing lots of photo editing.
(long periods sitting in front of the computer)
I went to the Chiro and my sacrum was totally twisted!
A few adjustments and I walked out feeling like a new woman.
I'm excited to go a few more times to get everything aligned for labor.
I SWEAR by chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy.

Currently craving bean and cheese burritos and anything beef. 
Any sight, smell, or mention of chicken makes me gag. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it'll be christmas and then HE will be here before we know it!
Dr. scheduled a 34 week scan for me to check on his growth since i'm measuring ahead (which is super normal for me #bigbabies)
Overall, everything looked good.
He was measuring about 6lbs!
His head and body measured a few weeks ahead but overall he's on track to be about the same as the other babies. 
He was head down, but my fluid levels were on the high side so there's still a possibility he could flip.
Hope he just stays down there, haha! 
I went into L and D one night last week because I hadn't felt him move all day.
Of course he was fine...
Better safe than sorry!
I'm pretty sure i've gone in at least once with all the kids because of decrease fetal movement.
It doesn't get any less scary the more babies you have.

Movement overall is still super minimal.
I'm hoping that means he's just a super chill baby.
I only really feel him right before bed. 
I literally having nothin left to do to prepare for him.
He has all his clothing, blankets and carseat ready.
I really only need to pack a bag for the hospital.
I can't believe he's going to be here soon!!!!!

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