Friday, November 4, 2016

Eighteen months with Frances Pearl

This pretty little thing is eighteen months today! 
How the crap did that happen?
Out of all my kids she still seems the most BABY to me at this stage. 
Maybe i'm just in denial. 
Her hair is getting longer, thicker and curlier. 
I love how it flips out from behind her ears. 
I love her giant blue eyeballs that are lined with the prettiest dark lashes. 
Her eyebrows are super expressive now that she has mastered the "stink" face. 
Her cheeks are still hanging on while the rest of her squishy baby body is starting to lean out. 
She is getting SO tall. 
She's wearing 2t-4t clothing and size 6 shoes. 
She weighs about 28lbs (my little light weight) 

At eighteen months her language is just starting to take off. 
She repeats and mimics all of us. 
She can say, "momma, dadda, remi, juicy, shoes, byebye, water, look, mine, up and baby"
theres a few more but that's all I can remember off of the top of my head. 

She's obsessed with puppies. 
She will stop whatever she is doing and bark when she sees or hears a dog. 
She's a very slow and methodic eater. 
When she eats her cereal in the morning she takes her time and makes sure that she gets every drop of milk onto her spoon. 
She does NOT like being rushed. 
She's not picky at all when it comes to food and will eat literally everything we put in front of her.
Her favorite thing at the moment is dipping her food in sauce. 
Ketchup, BBQ, yougurt etc. 
She loves them all.  

Like a classic third child, she craves attention and gets super jealous when I'm snuggling up with Remington or Olive. 
She will actually physically push them away and insert herself in-between me and them so that she is the closest to me. 
If that doesn't work, she will pull their hair until they move. 
I'm not sure how she will adjust to baby boy who's expected to arrive next month!!! (omg that's so weird to type out!) 
She LOVES babies so hopefully it'll just be an easy transition. 

She's a really awesome sleeper/napper.
She sleeps with her baby, water bottle and binky. 
We've reserved the binky now for just bedtimes and the occasional long car ride. 
I'm not worried about getting rid of it yet. 

She loves wearing dresses and jewelry and getting her hair brushed. 
She get's scared really easy which is cute/sad at the same time. 

My favorite thing she loves right now is chewing/slurping on ice. 
She LOOOOOVES sitting down next to Dave and I if we have a drink and asking for her own little cup of ice. 
It's totally turned into a little bonding thing between us. 

I just love my little rainbow nugget so much!
She adds just a fun personality to the family and I can't imagine my life without her. 

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