Tuesday, November 15, 2016

little boys and long hair

 This past week Remington decided that he was ready to cut his long, beautiful hair. 
I knew this day would come eventually, but I wasn't quite ready for it. 
"Momma, I AM ready!" he assured me, over and over. 
I told him he had to wait until we took our family pictures and then I promised I would make an appointment. 
Whelp, today was the day that his luscious curls were cut. 
So before we went in, I made him pose for a few photos because that's just what over-documenters do, right? 

It's a funny thing, long hair on boys. 
Over the last year we've heard lots of peoples opinions on the matter whether we asked for it or not. 
You learn to shrug off the "girl" comments from strangers pretty quick. 
I can't even tell you how many times we've heard,
"What beautiful girls you have!"
While looking at my baby bump "are you finally getting your boy?"
"How old is SHE?"

If the situation allows, I'll casually throw in that he is in fact a HE. 
Most apologize right away but we've had the occasional, well what did you expect with that hair?!
Usually these comments came from the older generations where anything but a clean buzz cut is considered unruly, un-groomed and girly. 

One time at the grocery store an old granny asked Remington to move out of the way so she could get her cart through.
"excuse me young lady, I need to get by!"
Rem replied without missing a beat, "I'm a BOY silly." 
The negative comments never really phased him. 
His favorites super heroes, THOR and JESUS have long hair so he didn't see why having long hair would be a problem (for some people). 
Little kids don't care about gender stereotypes.  

Honestly though, most the time he was complimented on his cool hair. 
He even got some high five's from other guys with man buns. 

Yes, I am more sad than he is to see it go, but that's the cool thing about hair, IT GROWS BACK!
(If he wants it to)

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