Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas decorations!

^^16 days from my due date!? What the what!?
Every year I try to document our Christmas decorations around our home. 
It's been so fun to look back and see how they've evolved!
We've added new little bits and pieces here and there, but most of them have been with us from way back in 2010 when Dave and I celebrated our first (married) Christmas. 
Since I'm so heavy with child this Christmas season, I've felt a little bad we haven't really done any fun "christmas" activities with the kids. 
Besides the stockings and fluffing up the tree, they were in charge of setting everything else up. Here's what Christmas looks like around our house this year!
I snagged 8 of these stockings last year at Target during their clearance sale. I'm obsessed with them. 
The kids tree! This was our first tree that we got together. 
^^Zoom in and check out the Santa Claus Remi drew, haha! I've been in major nesting mode and sold a bunch of stuff (no more love seat in the toy room.) Our contract is up January 31st and we don't know if we will be resigning so the walls are starting to get a little empty. 
^^The kids love this nativity and re-arrange it daily. 
^^Our first stockings!
We got this artificial tree when I was pregnant with Remi and we were living in Utah! I'd love to upgrade to a bigger/fuller one someday. But for now, this one is perfect. 
^^We are officially done Christmas shopping! Everything has been wrapped and pre-assembled. Both sets of grandparents already sent stuff over too! So we are all set. 
^^That Olive ornament is one of my favs. 
So excited for Christmas this year!!! 
Will baby boy be here beforehand?

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