Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Yesterday I woke up unable to move. 
I quickly realized something in my body had shifted out of place during the night. 
If felt like a thousand hot knives stabbing me in my lower back. 
The pain radiated up through my upper back into my neck and shot down my right leg.
I've endured 4 med free childbirths for heavens sake and none of them even came close to the pain I was feeling. 
I literally felt paralyzed by it. 
Even the tiniest movement made me cry out. 
I couldn't walk so I tried to crawl. 
I was SOBBING and dry heaving, 
the pain was that excruciating. 

Ironically, I had already had an appointment scheduled later that morning with my chiropractor for just a maintenance adjustment. 
I txted her letting her know I had royally effed something up.
David, bless his heart, took a sick day since it was apparent there was no way in hell I would be able to function let alone take care of the children. 

I screamed and cried as he helped me inch into the car. 
I told him i'd rather give birth a million times in a row than feel the way I was feeling. 
Every bump and turn in the road made me wail. 
I can't imagine what I looked like trying to get out the car and into the office. 
As soon as I saw Danielle (my chiro)
She worked her magic, adjusting, massaging and putting things back in place. 
Turns out bearing all these babies so close together have really effed up my hips. 

I left feeling a teeny bit better but still in SO much pain. 
She assured me once the muscles stopped spasming, i'd be good to go. 
She's never let me down in the 10 months i've been seeing her, but for some reason, I was certain that there was no way I was coming back from this. 
(sometimes I can be dramatic, i know..ha)
but that's how I felt. 

It was still so bad a few hours later I almost contemplated going to the Urgent care to get an RX for muscle relaxers. 
I waited it out and did all the stretches she told me to do. 
(Wolfe wanted a snack during said stretches, so that's what the photos are in reference to
As the night when on, things started loosening up and before I crawled into bed, I could almost stand upright!

I woke up this morning and the pain was practically gone. 
I stood straight up and was like 
I was shocked actually. 
It was like magic. 
Everything she said would happen, happened. 
I even felt good enough to complete my jog for the day.

Chiropractors are miracle workers people. 
I'd literally be dead without one. 
(ok, not literally, but, you get it.) 
The end. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


There's just something about brothers. 
I'm excited to see their friendship grow over the next few years. 

Friday, September 8, 2017


Happy September! 
Nothing too crazy going on over here.
We've just been adjusting to our new routine now that the older kids are in school all day. 
Since the kids attend different schools with different start times, David drops of Remington on his way to work and I drop off Olive on my way to the gym.
She's going to our neighborhood school so sometimes, when it's not super hot we get to walk!
She doesn't enjoy walking as much as me and the babies do. 
She says her legs get to tired and she doesn't like to be sweaty before school, HA!
I can't wait for the cooler weather so we can do it more. 

While the kids are at school Fran, Wolfe and I head to the YMCA most days, where I get to enjoy my uninterrupted runs/fitness classes. Afterwards we play, clean, eat lunch, take a nice long afternoon nap and then we start getting ready to pick everyone up from school. 
It took a few weeks but we finally have the kinder pick-up line figured out. 
I can't believe how CRAZY it is!
We found a great little in-home dance studio with a girl that used to be in our Stake. 
Frances is in a 2-3 year combo class and so far she LOVES it! 
I can't get over how cute she is in her little leotard and tights. 
Olive gets super jealous that she doesn't get to do dance since she's in school but it's nice to let Fran have her own thing for now. 
Olive is truly thriving in pre-school. She comes home excited to show us all the letters and things she learned during the day. Her favorite thing is picking out which uniform, bow and shoes she gets to wear. She even tells me how she wants me to style her hair. I love watching her develop her own sense of style.  We get to spend one on one time together every night reading books and completing her reading log homework. It's been a real treat having that time together. 
Mr. Remington is also really loving school. 
For the first few weeks I got an email or a phone call almost EVERY DAY from his teacher reporting back to me what kind of trouble the little stinker was getting into. 
Apparently, he's the "most popular" kid in the class and he's very talkative with all of his friends. It doesn't matter where she moves him around the room, HA! 
He also gets egged on by his peers and does things that are disruptive and make the other kids laugh. 
You literally never thing it's going to be your kid. 
I really truly would've never guessed it would be him. 
ANYWAYS,  we've been working hard remind him about the importance of being respectful to the teacher and his peers and to keep his head down and finish his work. 
We got his first report card today and he is excelling in all areas, so I think we're getting somewhere. 
His best friend at school is name Caleb, and they hug and then high five everyday when I come pick him it. 
It's so freaking cute. 
Wolfe is just looking so much bigger and older every single day. 
He's all over the place, exploring the house and getting into everything he shouldn't. 
I always think i've got everything baby proofed really well and then I realize I don't lol. 
His favorite spot is under the computer desk pulling on all the cords. 
Dave and I have totally been enjoying our evenings together now that he is all done with school!!!!
Some nights we binge on Netflix and others we are out doing a Crossfit Wod in the backyard. 
Speaking of working out, i'm on week 15 of 20 of my couch to half marathon training program. 
It's going really well and I love seeing how my body is changing and getting stronger. 
I'm starting to get super excited but also nervous for race day.
It feels so far away but I know it's going to sneak up on me really fast. 
A few weekends ago I had the opportunity pose for a Hollywood Glam boudoir photo shoot with the amazing Elizabeth Stanley. Martha did my makeup again for the shoot and OMG I felt like a million bucks. I literally couldn't stop staring at myself. I was like uhhhhh, is this real life? Is that really me!? I took like 50+ selfies because, ya know when you're really feeling it, you can't NOT!
And since I won't be sharing those photos here (haha) here's another selfieeeee.
David shaved his beard in light of some upcoming job interviews!
(fingers crossed/prayers please!!!)
I call this his chester the molester stash, lol, EW. 
He's so grateful to be done with school and is excited to walk with his graduating class next month. 
I still need to throw him a celebration party, because really, this is a HUGE deal. 
And that's what we've been up to lately! 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Say hello to the newest Grand Canyon University Masters degree graduate!!! 
David has officially completed his Masters in Health Care Administration. 
What a whirlwind these last two years have been. 
This guys has worked SO HARD to get to where he is today. 
Not only was he studying and completing his classes with near perfect grades, he was also working a full time job, serving in his busy church callings as well as making sure all the needs of our the four babies and I were taken care of. 
I am so proud of the man he is and we are so incredibly blessed to have him in our lives. 
We are excited and looking forward to what new opportunities this will bring to us!!! 
I love you Davey, YOU DID IT!!! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

7 months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe,
Holy cow, its been quite the month for developmental milestones. 
Not only are you standing and pulling up on everything but also trying to WALK!?
You're walking along the furniture like a pro and like to push chairs/laundry baskets/pretty much anything that will slide across the floor. 
You might just be our earliest walker so far-
You like to DANCE and CLAP your hands!
You have SIX TEETH! 
The four on top all came in in one WEEK. 
You're sleeping for longer stretches at night and a over half the night in the crib. 
You LOVE getting your head scratched.
Still not loving solid food much so we're sticking with boobies for now. 
This month i've been able to be away from you for 4-5 hour stretches!
You still wont take a bottle or any type of binky. 
You're babbling and ton and say "mommma" and "Dadada" all the time. 
I love how you're always so quick to smile. 
Your sweet spirit just shines so bright in our home!
I'm pretty much just obsessed with you right now-
Olsen Offspring 7 month comparison 
Rem, Olive, Frances and Wolfe

Monday, August 14, 2017

Olive Lou's first day of Pre-school

Olive Lou started full day pre-school today!

I walked her into her class, signed her in and got her all situated on the mat where her classmates were playing with a bunch of toys. I gave her a hug, told her I loved her and I'd pick her up in a few hours. She's responded with "ok whatever"
and that was that.

When I came to pick her up I hugged her again and asked how it was.
She said, "It was fun, but i'm hungry so can I have a snack now?"

Classic Lou.

She said she was looking forward to going back, so I guess it went well!
I was nervous about how she would do all day, but apparently she's rocking it.

It's totally weird sending your babies out into the world for the first time.
I imagine it doesn't get any easier as they get older. 
I love her in these school uniforms. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Olive turns four!

Olive Lou turned four years old on July 31st.
We celebrated the evening before with all of my family. 
She requested mac and cheese for dinner so we went all out and made a suuuuper yummy homemade baked mac and cheese. 
It was a hit!
She also got a double decker brownie princess cake with purple cream cheese frosting.
She was showered in all sorts of fairy, princess and sparkly gifts. 
I can't believe how much she's grown up over the past year!
You'd never be able to tell she was once a giant squishy baby. 
She's turning into a tall little lady, with a BIG personality. 
This girl is a force to be reckoned with-
I can't wait to see how she does in pre-school this year, haha. 
We love you Olive Lou! 

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