Saturday, November 18, 2017

out of the mouth of babes...

The kids have been saying some funny things lately and I wanted to write them down before I forget.

Remington has picking up spelling and reading really fast. When Papa and Grandma Olsen were in town Grandma wanted to know where the bag of Swedish fish were. 
Grandma// "David, where are the F-I-S-H"
Remington with out missing a beat// "oh they're in the cupboard.
Olive// "I want another sister."
David// "why?"
Olive//"Because I don't like Frances." 

(these girls fight like no other, i can't even)

Olive brought home a Thanksgiving craft from preschool.
Olive// "hey Remi, look at my indian"
Rem//" mean native american?"
Olive//"no my INDIAN!"
Rem// "uhm, Miss Carlson says it's not nice to call them Indians, Olive. They are actually native americans, so you're wrong." 

(We were dying)

Public school v/s charter school...Ha!
Don't let this sweet thing trick you-
We are in the midst of the terrible twos. 
It's killing me. 

Whenever she asked to do anything she doesn't like, she mutters "stupid" under her breath. 
For now, we are ignoring it, hoping that not getting a reaction from us will make her knock it off lol. 
I swear, she gives zero craps.
After Remington threw a major fit, he came out of his room and goes "Momma, I'm sorry for acting like a little bitch"

I about fell off my bed. 
"A what!?"
"A little bitch. I'm sorry"

David and I lost it. LOL

Olive// "Momma, did you eat a lot? Your stomach is big. 
Remington // "No, she's just fat." 

Ouch, right!? haha. This turned into a great teaching moment. 
ahh I love these little nuggets! Fake/pained smiles and all. HA! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sometimes i'm a fun mom...

and let the kids go to town in our lovely dirt filled backyard. 
Supposedly,  it's healthy for kids to play/eat dirt..
something about building immune systems.
They had a BLAST. 
I had David hose them down before coming inside for a bath. 
I hate that we don't have grass for them to play on, but I don't think they really mind. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

David's Gradutaion

Even though David technically already graduated and received his diploma back in August, It was really important to me that he still participate in the "pomp and circumstance" if you will, of the actual ceremony. 
I wanted our babies to hear his name called and see their dad walk across that big stage. 
His parents, my mom, all the babies and I were in the stands, cheering for him. 
It was a super neat experience and completely different from our BS graduation ceremonies at BYU-Idaho. 
Mostly due to all of the cheering and "PRAISE JESUS" chants from the crowd, lol!
(BYU likes to keep the ceremony reverent, which I understand, but still, graduating is HUGE DEAL! It's was hard NOT to cheer then) 

Anyways, it was pretty surreal for all of us. 
David is so happy to be finished. 
Since then we've been busy on the job hunt!
i.e lots of time sending out applications/resumes/letters and networking as much as possible. 
So far, nothing has panned out... but we are keeping our heads up and praying HARD to stay strong because we know the perfect opportunity is just around the corner. 
It's exciting/slightly terrifying not knowing what the future holds for us.
We are so proud of you honey cakes!!!
We will legit party once you sign a new job contract ;P

**If you guys know of any sort of non-clinical management positions available in your area, LET US KNOW!!! We are willing to go pretty much anywhere, location wise. 
Screen grabs from the youtube video of commencement. 
You can watch here
After graduation we were asked to do a little interview with GCU TV team. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

9 months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe, 
At nine months old YOU ARE WALKING!!!!!!!!
Like legit, WALKING. 
I can't believe it. 
It's so cute to watching you waddle around the house, chasing your siblings as fast as you can. 
My favorite is watching you change directions- you do a like a little 3 point pivot/turn. 
With your new found mobility, the number of head bumps and bruises has increased exponentially. 
It seriously looks like we beat you, ah! 
Your poor face is always black and blue. 
You popped another tooth on the bottom, which makes a grand total of seven!
I'm obsessed with those giant teeth (except when you chomp down mid nursing...OW) 
You are totally a tummy sleeper and spread all you limbs out. 
You've been sleeping for longer stretches in the crib during the night which has been awesome. 
You're starting to mimic sounds and tones, especially when we're singing, its adorable. 
This month you've tried german pancakes, mac and cheese, chicken, pork and cheerios. 
You pretty much love everything you've eaten. 
You weigh 30lbs and are wearing a range of sizes between 2t-4t. 
You hate walking with moccs on and protest any time we put you in any kind of structured pant. 
(aka sunday dress isn't your fav lol)
Your hair is growing in so thick and it's still holding onto the strawberry blonde color. 
We can't quite figure out what color your eyes are- they change between a grey and hazel color. 
You love to run errands and sit in the shopping cart. 
I think you mostly just love all the attention from the old ladies at the store. 
(seriously such a little flirt)
Your sweet spirit lights up our home so much little man, 
We sure love you, 

Olsen Offspring 9 month comparison

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Papa and Grandma Olsen come to visit!

We are half way through October and this is my first post for the month, AHH!
We have been BUSY!!!!

Last weekend, David's parents drove down from Utah to attend and celebrate his graduation! (more to come on that later).
We haven't seen them since last year...look how much the kids have GROWN! 
They were in heaven. 
Grandma came prepared and passed out tons of snacks, books and little toys for each of the babies. 
We spent the entire weekend catching up, eating good food (lots of Ice cream thanks to papa) and going on wagon rides.
Remington even got to go on a few one on one Papa dates.
I'm so happy our children get to have relationships with each of our parents. 
It's such a special bond to witness. 
We sure love you guys! 

ugh, I love this so much. 
She raised such an amazing man. 

Wolfie walking EVERYWHERE. 

Papa loved showing the kids pictures and videos of old toys from his childhood. 
Olives FACE. 

Until next time <3 nbsp="" p="">

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