Sunday, January 8, 2017

meeting baby Wolfie!

The babies were SO excited to finally meet their baby brother. 
Every morning at least one of them would ask, "is Wolfe's birthday going to be today?" and "is he here yet?"

When they walked into the room I couldn't believe how much bigger they seemed to get overnight. Frances felt like a GIANT! (Still does) We got the cutest video footage of them seeing him for the first time. Remington kept saying over and over "he's just SO tiny!"
Olive took one look at his still freshly goey umbilical cord and said "EWWWW!!! WHAT IS THAT!? I HATE IT!"
Frances said, "BABY!" over and over and over and didn't want to share him with the others. 
It was such a sweet moment, all my babies there with me on the bed. 
Shortly after the newness wore off and they were running around, destroying the room with graham cracker crumbs and pushing every button in sight. 

Four kids. 
We have FOUR kids. 
It still hasn't really hit us yet, HA!
^^Everyone smile!
^^My BOYS! 
^^David, although clearly sleep deprived, looks SO HOT holding our offspring!! 

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