Saturday, February 4, 2017

One month with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe,
Happy one month!
It's flown by SO FAST, I can't believe it.
At one month old you are 12 lbs (95% ile) and 23 inches (97% ile)
You are currently wearing 3-6 month clothing and newborn cloth diapers.
You already look soo much different than you did a few weeks ago.
Your hair is thick and has a reddish tint to it!
Your cheeks are starting to fill out more, which I love because they get kissed a million times a day.
So far you seem to have a pretty easy going personality.
The only time you cry is if I can't get a boob in your mouth fast enough.
You go from 0-60 real quick and make a really cute/funny snorting noise when you get mad.
I lied, you also cry when you are in the carseat.
Usually once we start going you settle down though.
Your sleep started out really were waking every 2-3 hours to eat and then go right back to sleep.
Now you're wide eyed and bushy tailed at 4am EVERY-SINGLE-MORNING.
Usually you're up till about 7am which is when everyone else gets up for the day, so that's been kind of rough.
We are in bed by 9pm every night so that kinda helps the blow of the early morning wake up call (a little.)
You totally prefer me over dad rocking you to sleep.
You'll take a binky like 30% of the time (usually when you're worn in the wrap) every other time you gag.
You LOVE bath time!
Your totally relax, close your eyes and kick your little legs.
You started out with a mild case of reflux but after a chiro adjustment, your symptoms seem to have lessened.
So far we think you look the most similar to Olive, but now i'm second guessing myself looking at the comparison photos!
You totally do have your own look!!!
You are so stinking adorable and I can't get enough of you.
Please don't grow up too fast!

and just for fun, a comparison of the 4! 
Left to right- Remington, Olive, Frances and Wolfe 

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