Saturday, March 18, 2017

Frances lately

Francie pants is 22.5 months old aka ALMOST TWO!
I swear, life is moving faster now that baby number 4 is here. 
I literally can not keep up. 

She is busy busy busy. 
She absolutely will not sit still.
I can't get her to even chill for five minutes in front of the TV.
Not once has she EVER watched a movie or show. 
She kind of just wonders around the house exploring and getting into things she shouldn't be. 
It's a lot harder to keep her wrangled at my parents house. 
She LOVES my sister Natassja and follows her around everywhere when she is home. 
I love the bond that they have.
She's still napping once a day, usually for 1.5- 2 hours. 
She sleeps in her crib with her binky, blanket, giant puppy dog and her baby. 
She's been the only child who hasn't tried to escape the crib at this age. 
We want to transition her to a twin bed in our next house (wherever that's going to be lol) 
She was completely weaned from the binkys at one point but found a rogue one we must've forgotten to throw away, so she's back to those for just naps. 

She's a total Daddy's girl!
She squeals and claps and runs to David, arms outstretched for him to pick her up when he gets home from work. 
It's so stinking cute.

She is obsessed with shoes. 
absolutely obsessed. 
She takes them off and on a dozen times a day. 
It's adorable/drives me crazy, especially when she takes them off in the car...
She super sneaky and loves taking toys away from Olive and Rem.
I swear she does it just to get a reaction from them.
She squeals and yells really loud when she doesn't get her way. 

Graham crackers are her most favorite snack. 
I love that she's not picky and will eat pretty much every thing we put in front of her. 
She's currently learning how to ride on Rem's old balance bike and scooter. 
She loves all animals, especially puppy dogs. 

When she flashes those giant baby blues at you, it's sometimes hard to say no.  
(David struggles with this more than I do, haha!)

And that's our Franny girl lately.
^^This cheese face, I can't even. 
^^That belllllly

Frances and Olive were chosen to be brand reps for a new clothing shop on Instagram called Top Stitch Clothing Co. !!
Their clothing is so stinking adorable. 
It's all handmade and everything is under $30. 
We LOVE these little bloomers on Fran.
They are the perfect summer staple and show off her perfectly chubby little legs. 
(Check out my Instagram post for a 10% off coupon code) 

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