Friday, March 17, 2017

Remington turns FIVE

We celebrated Remington's Fifth birthday at the beginning of the month. 
I felt a twinge of momma guilt that we didn't have a nice party planned for this milestone birthday. 
We had just moved a week prior so everything was still kind of chaotic. 
The evening before his birthday, Dave and I snuck out after the kids went to bed and picked up a few things to make it special. 
(benefits of living with family = built in babysitters whoop whoop!)

He realllly wanted a pedal bike but we had done zero research prior to that evening about what size/brand to get him. 
Of course, because we waited until the last minute, the store we went to only have 20" bikes left. We figured he was either tall enough for an 18" or 20" so we grabbed the bike and hoped for the best. 
We also got  him a new pair of shoes and a few new outfits for summer. 

The morning of his birthday I had David take the kids to go get donuts while I finished setting out his stuff. 
We sang happy birthday ate donuts and took his birthday pics!
My sister Natassja was also born on March 3! She turned 19 this year. She's also single and ready to mingle so if any of you have a friend, brother or cousin available...;)
After everyone got home from work, the entire family met up at Olive Garden for the celebration dinner. 
Remington and Natassja got a free desert and were sung to by the staff, the kids LOVED it.
Before we left I tried to get a photo of all of us together, but of course, we struggled haha. 

His bike did end up being too big, so David exchanged it for an 18" one on his lunch break that day. 
After dinner we all went out to the cul-de-sac to watch Rem ride his bike!
He picked it up SO fast!
He's ridden it everyday since. 
We may not have had a big, decked out party, but I think it was just perfect for him and one that we will always remember. 
We sure love our Remington!

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