Monday, April 10, 2017

three months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe, 
At three months old you weighed in at 20lbs 6oz! 
It was a estimate based on Dad weighing himself first and then with you and getting the difference, but still, over 20lbs dude. 
I'm impressed. 
Your chubby hands, screw on wrists and fat little sausage toes are my favorite right now. 
You're able to wear a various range of sizes, 9-24 month depending on the clothing item. 
At three months you have a case of cradle cap that just wont quit! 
I try to make a point of brushing off the crusty crud off with a fine tooth comb but you HAIR is also coming out with it!
What the heck!?
It's noticeably thinner in front but I can't bring myself to cut it.
There's a thicker blonde layer coming in underneath so I'm holding out for that. 
This month you've started to use your hands to try and reach out to things. 
If not reaching out, they're permanently being suckled on in your mouth. 
You're cooing and "talking" more and your squeaky voice is so dang cute I can't even handle it. 
You're taking all your naps in the swing and sleeping for longer stretches during the night.
I feed you two, maybe three times at night. 
You started sitting in a high chair and a bouncer this month!
It's nice to have other options to put you down so your siblings don't attack you. 
I love that the noise and chaos dose not even phase you. 
You still like to be swaddled to be put to sleep but you always break out those arms during the night and we feel your jazz hands in our backs all night. 
The biggest thing we've noticed this month is your all of the sudden need to be MOVING. 
You can't just sit and chill anymore. 
You arch your back and flail until we pick you up and walk around or set you down on the floor.
You kick and push off like crazy when we change your diaper which has resulted in lots of poopie feet and poop on the carpet...not cool dude. 
You also started ROLLING!
Back to front, front to back. 
It just happened in the last few days but it's non stop when we set you up for tummy time. 
Just stop it. 
I need a few more months, WEEKS even of blob stage. 
This is why I'm so baby hungry all the time, my babies get too big too fast. 
(Don't worry, there are no little siblings in your immediate future. Promise.) 
Love you so much Wolfie Wolfe!

Three month comparison!
Reming, Olive, Frances and Wolfe 

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Melanie Bull said...

20 pounds! Dang momma. Im jealous of your serious milk skills. Ps. Loooove the comparison pics

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