Thursday, May 25, 2017

Frances and Olive's shared room

We decided it was time to move Frances from the crib to a twin bed once we moved into our new rental. 
The transition was super smooth!
She loves having her own big girl bed. 
I was a little nervous about getting both beds to fit in their new room since it is significantly smaller than their room at the Peoria home. 
Now that we are all unpacked and organized, it feels like just the perfect size for these two girls! 

My only hang up so far in this rental is the NASTY poop yellow/brown/tan color the walls are painted. 
It gives me serious RAGE but alas, there is nothing we can do about it. 
If I had it my way, the entire home would be WHITE!
(Sterile white according to my mother haha)
Anyways, here is the girls completed room. 
Fran stores her binkys in that little crown box. 
This collage was super quick and easy to put up! Some bright washi tap added a fun pop of color. 
The closets here are super tight so we had to get creative with organizing them. The purple bins store their extra sheets, blankets and seasonal clothing. 
So glad my girls have a room they love!

Monday, May 15, 2017

four months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe, 
At four months you are 23 lbs and 27.1 inches, both in the 99%-ile.
You are ROLLING everywhere and army CRAWLING backwards!
You just started rocking on your hands and knees too, I can't believe it. 
You are determined to get going and i'm fighting it so hard lol. 
You got to heavy for the rock and play and swing but still love the bounce chair. 
You are a happy boy and are quick to smile. 
This month you've been pretty sick with an ear infection and viral cold that just won't quit. 
You slept from 8pm-5am 2x this month which was awesome, but with you being so miserable with your cold at night, you've been up more. 
I've been putting you down to sleep in the crib for your daytime naps, so far so good!
Your hair is really coming in now, still looking a little red/blonde. 
I can't bring myself to cut the few whispy hairs on top.
I love how they stick straight up no matter what. 
Bath time is seriously your fav. 
You splash so much it soaks me and the entire floor. 
You love to be swaddled to sleep and you suck on your fingers constantly. 
Your rolls are so soft and plush and I can't help but kiss you all over, all day long. 
I can't believe how fast you are changing already, 
slow down a little, ok?

Four month Olsen Offspring comparison!
Rem, Olive, Frances and Wolfe 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Franny turns TWO!

Our Franny Bear turned two last week!
She woke up to balloons, donuts, a new ball and a doll house!
She also got her favorite snacks (fruit snacks and granola bars). 
We let her have as many as she wanted and gave her the choice to share with her siblings or not. 
She LOVED having that power. 
We played all day with her new toys and then she requested Mac and Cheese for dinner. 
Two year olds are awesome. 

This girl is ALWAYS on the move so getting a non blurred photo of her was a challenge. 
We sure love our spunky little Fran.
Those eyeballs kill me. 
Her chubby fingers
fruit snackssss
pig tails
One of her favorites gifts was this doll from Grandma Olsen!
It laughs and cries and it worried her for a bit but she's taking her momma roles seriously now haha.

a few photos from our phones-
Happy Birthday FRANCES! 
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