Monday, May 15, 2017

four months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe, 
At four months you are 23 lbs and 27.1 inches, both in the 99%-ile.
You are ROLLING everywhere and army CRAWLING backwards!
You just started rocking on your hands and knees too, I can't believe it. 
You are determined to get going and i'm fighting it so hard lol. 
You got to heavy for the rock and play and swing but still love the bounce chair. 
You are a happy boy and are quick to smile. 
This month you've been pretty sick with an ear infection and viral cold that just won't quit. 
You slept from 8pm-5am 2x this month which was awesome, but with you being so miserable with your cold at night, you've been up more. 
I've been putting you down to sleep in the crib for your daytime naps, so far so good!
Your hair is really coming in now, still looking a little red/blonde. 
I can't bring myself to cut the few whispy hairs on top.
I love how they stick straight up no matter what. 
Bath time is seriously your fav. 
You splash so much it soaks me and the entire floor. 
You love to be swaddled to sleep and you suck on your fingers constantly. 
Your rolls are so soft and plush and I can't help but kiss you all over, all day long. 
I can't believe how fast you are changing already, 
slow down a little, ok?

Four month Olsen Offspring comparison!
Rem, Olive, Frances and Wolfe 

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