Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Franny turns TWO!

Our Franny Bear turned two last week!
She woke up to balloons, donuts, a new ball and a doll house!
She also got her favorite snacks (fruit snacks and granola bars). 
We let her have as many as she wanted and gave her the choice to share with her siblings or not. 
She LOVED having that power. 
We played all day with her new toys and then she requested Mac and Cheese for dinner. 
Two year olds are awesome. 

This girl is ALWAYS on the move so getting a non blurred photo of her was a challenge. 
We sure love our spunky little Fran.
Those eyeballs kill me. 
Her chubby fingers
fruit snackssss
pig tails
One of her favorites gifts was this doll from Grandma Olsen!
It laughs and cries and it worried her for a bit but she's taking her momma roles seriously now haha.

a few photos from our phones-
Happy Birthday FRANCES! 

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