Friday, June 2, 2017

Our first garden

We've been wanting to plant a garden FOREVER!!!
The side yard in our new rental home was the perfect place to do it.
The entire backyard is dirt so a week before we planted, David went out every night and tilled/loosened up the area and got rid of all the big rocks. 
The local Arizona gardening pages told us it was probably to late in the season to start but we got lucky and had a "colder" week at the beginning of May, so we went ahead and planted!
What had nothing to lose, haha!
I had zero faith any thing would actually grow, but here we are four weeks later and things are coming up nicely. 
We have to water 3x a day because the temps are so high already, but this spot gets good shade during the hottest times. 
The babies had so much fun helping us plan the garden and pick out seeds. They come out with me every afternoon to check the progress. It'll be interesting to see if the plants actually yield any produce. We are crossing our fingers! If not, we got a super early head start on getting the ground ready for our winter crops. I hear thats really when the magic happens. 
There's something amazing about those little plants pushing through and growing despite the non-ideal conditions. It's a good reminder/application to real life. 
That cracked dirt though! AH!
You proved me wrong Arizona. 

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