Wednesday, July 26, 2017

a rainy day, a little film

It's monsoon season here in Arizona and we are taking every opportunity we can to play outside in the rain!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Remington's First day of Kindergarten!

Ah my gosh, it was a lot harder dropping off this little dude at this class today than I anticipated. 
As we were walking in together he looks at me with those giant eyeballs and goes, "Momma, I'm not feeling very brave right now" 
Guys, my heartttt. AH!
I told him that it was ok to be nervous and that if he was feeling scared, to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help him have courage. 

I walked him to his seat in his class and stood back by the other parents waiting for instructions from the teachers. 
He started to tremble in his seat and looked over at me and the most tender little tears started rolling down his face. 
I scooped him up fast and he goes "but momma, i'm kinda shy! what if I don't make any friends!?" 
I was like Remi, you gotta pull it together for the both of us right now bud. 
I tried so hard to hold back the tears but it was too late. 
I gave him one last big hug and told him I'd see him in a few hours. 

It was so surreal walking out of there. 
I was definitely not prepared for the emotional toll it took on my momma heart. 
Had I taught him well enough?
Had I prepared him enough for the new skills he needed to know in a new place?
Will he be kind?
All those questions running through my head. 

Thankfully, the morning FLEW by and when it came time to pick him up, he was practically skipping out to the car. 

he said. 
over and over and over. 

He's already excited to go back and do it again tomorrow.

I'm so glad we both made it through that big milestone today. 
Happy first day of Kindergarten Remi boy!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


We've been busy this summer!
It's been awhile since i've done an update so here we go-

I never thought I'd say it, but we are really liking it here in Goodyear, AZ.
I love this area SO much. 
We jumped right into our new ward and we were welcomed with open arms. 
It already feels like family.
David was recently called as Deacon's quorum advisor and assistant scout master.
He's excited to be more involved when he's done with school. 
Speaking of which, he has THREE more weeks to go till he's done with his masters program. 
He has literally been working his buns off researching and writing his finals papers.
He says he can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel but he's still keeping his head down and taking it all one day at a time. 
I can't WAIT to celebrate when he's done. 
I was called as the second counselor in the primary presidency and so far it's actually been pretty fun. I'm totally wiped out by the time church is over, but getting to know all the sweet kids in the ward has been so great. 
I'm on week 9 of my 20 week couch to half marathon training program!
It's going SO well. 
My momma bear convinced me to do it, so we are both training for the St. George half in November. I already know she's going to leave me in the dust lol. 
I'm documenting my postpartum health/weight loss journey over on my fitness account on Instagram (@bigmommaolsen) if those kinds of things are your jam. 
The kids and I spend most of our mornings over at the local YMCA. 
I get my runs in in the nice air conditioned cardio room and the kids play in the daycare. 
I've really enjoyed having that time to myself and I think it's helped immensely with not only my physical health but also my mental health as well. 
I mostly love that we've gotten a good routine down over the past few weeks. 
But that's all about to change because...

Remington's first day of Kindergarten is TOMORROW!
Technically this week is kinder academy which is just a bunch of half days to sort of jump start the kinder kids, but still, AHHHH!
He is so stinking excited, he can barely contain himself. 
David gave him the sweetest father's blessing tonight and It quickly brought me back to all the 'back to school' blessings my Dad gave us growing up. 
He carefully laid out his outfit, shoes and backpack.
I can't believe I have a school aged kid already. 
I thought I'd be more sad about it but I'm more excited for him. 
He going to learn and grow so much, I just know it'll be so good for him!
I can't wait to hear how his first day goes. 
Olive got accepted into a full day preschool program which starts mid August. 
We're still a little hesitant on how she will do but we will just give it a few weeks and then reevaluate from there. Her school requires uniforms and we picked those out this last weekend. They look so gosh darn cute on her! She picked out a sparkly unicorn back pack too. 
I'm going to have TWO kids in school all day. 
I don't know what the crap i'm even going to do with just Frances and Wolfe haha!
Olive's 4th birthday is coming up in a few days too. 
She wants everything princess/sparkly/unicorn/purple so we're going with that. 

Francie girl is talking NON-STOP.
Remember when we were worried about her delayed speech? 
She says things in the sweetest little ways. 
My recent favorite is how she says "look"
"GOOK momma, GOOK at me!"
It's so stinking cute. 
She love nursery and the Y's day care. 
She's a pretty easy going/go with the flow kinda gal when she's in a good mood. 
One of her favorite things to do this summer has been going to the pool. 
She loves to be in the water. 

Over half the blog posts this year have been about Wolfie boy so there's not really anything new to report there
Like always, he's growing up and changing too fast. 

and that's what we've been up to lately!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wolfe's first food

Avocados!!! It's the only he's actually eaten so far. He sticking with the boob juice for now, haha!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

6 months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe,
OMG if I could freeze time right now, I would. 
This is one of my favorite baby stages.
At 6 months old you weigh 26 lbs and measure 28.5 inches (both in the 99%ile)
Your soft chubby rolls are sooo delicious.
You are moving NON-STOP.
I can hardly make you sit still.
You wiggle and arch to get free anytime someone holds you.
When I go to buckle you in the carseat you go as stiff as a board and fight me, haha!
You hate the car and make driving anywhere kind of miserable.
Your sleep has been iffy the last month due to teething.
So far you have two of the cutest little teeth poking out on the bottom to show for it.
You love being in the center of all the action and cry when everyone leaves the room.
Since you've mastered crawling, you love to explore all over the house.
You've been doing really well at the gym daycare and the ladies fight over who gets to hold you!
This month you also tried your first food which was avocado!
You're babbling a lot these days and your little man voice is just so adorable.
You're still not taking a binky OR a stinking bottle but you are doing better with me being away for longer periods of time.
So far, I can get away for a solid two hours, woo hoo!
I love nursing you to sleep and being able to have a little cuddle time together.
I'm so happy you're apart of our family!
We love you so much,

Wolfie Wolfe months 1-6

Olsen Offspring 6 month comparison

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