Monday, July 24, 2017

Remington's First day of Kindergarten!

Ah my gosh, it was a lot harder dropping off this little dude at this class today than I anticipated. 
As we were walking in together he looks at me with those giant eyeballs and goes, "Momma, I'm not feeling very brave right now" 
Guys, my heartttt. AH!
I told him that it was ok to be nervous and that if he was feeling scared, to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help him have courage. 

I walked him to his seat in his class and stood back by the other parents waiting for instructions from the teachers. 
He started to tremble in his seat and looked over at me and the most tender little tears started rolling down his face. 
I scooped him up fast and he goes "but momma, i'm kinda shy! what if I don't make any friends!?" 
I was like Remi, you gotta pull it together for the both of us right now bud. 
I tried so hard to hold back the tears but it was too late. 
I gave him one last big hug and told him I'd see him in a few hours. 

It was so surreal walking out of there. 
I was definitely not prepared for the emotional toll it took on my momma heart. 
Had I taught him well enough?
Had I prepared him enough for the new skills he needed to know in a new place?
Will he be kind?
All those questions running through my head. 

Thankfully, the morning FLEW by and when it came time to pick him up, he was practically skipping out to the car. 

he said. 
over and over and over. 

He's already excited to go back and do it again tomorrow.

I'm so glad we both made it through that big milestone today. 
Happy first day of Kindergarten Remi boy!

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