Monday, August 14, 2017

Olive Lou's first day of Pre-school

Olive Lou started full day pre-school today!

I walked her into her class, signed her in and got her all situated on the mat where her classmates were playing with a bunch of toys. I gave her a hug, told her I loved her and I'd pick her up in a few hours. She's responded with "ok whatever"
and that was that.

When I came to pick her up I hugged her again and asked how it was.
She said, "It was fun, but i'm hungry so can I have a snack now?"

Classic Lou.

She said she was looking forward to going back, so I guess it went well!
I was nervous about how she would do all day, but apparently she's rocking it.

It's totally weird sending your babies out into the world for the first time.
I imagine it doesn't get any easier as they get older. 
I love her in these school uniforms. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Olive turns four!

Olive Lou turned four years old on July 31st.
We celebrated the evening before with all of my family. 
She requested mac and cheese for dinner so we went all out and made a suuuuper yummy homemade baked mac and cheese. 
It was a hit!
She also got a double decker brownie princess cake with purple cream cheese frosting.
She was showered in all sorts of fairy, princess and sparkly gifts. 
I can't believe how much she's grown up over the past year!
You'd never be able to tell she was once a giant squishy baby. 
She's turning into a tall little lady, with a BIG personality. 
This girl is a force to be reckoned with-
I can't wait to see how she does in pre-school this year, haha. 
We love you Olive Lou! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

because sometimes, I CAN'T EVEN!!!!!

This age right now is for reals THE BEST!
Like I legit can't even handle it. 
Wolfe is a HAM and a half!!!!
I'd give anything to freeze time right now, AHHH!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

in honor or world breastfeeding week

"O, thou with a beautiful face, may the child reared on your milk, attain a long life, like the gods made immortal with drinks of nectar." -Sushruta 

Ah my gosh! I know I say it all the time but our bodies are AWESOME!
Not only do we get to make LIFE but we also get to provide the very substance needed to sustain that life in the form of breastmilk. 

It's be five and half years since I began my breastfeeding journey.
All four babies have flourished on my breastmilk. 
Remington made it 2.5 years, 
Olive 18 months, 
Frances 16 months, 
and Wolfe, well he's still going strong at 6 months old. 

I'm so incredibly grateful that i've been able to breastfeed all of our babies. 
It's definitely been a SACRIFICE for me over all the years, but I know it's what's best for them, so I have zero regrets. 

My photographer friend Elizabeth Stanley needed a model for a breastfeeding concept shoot a few months back and I jumped at the opportunity. Wolfe was only a few weeks old. (why does it go so fast!?)  I just love how these portraits turned out. I will always cherish these special moments. Thank you Elizabeth! 

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