Thursday, September 1, 2011


Food that i've been craving over the last couple weeks in no particular order-

Honey-nut Cherrios: I begged David to grab me a box while he was out.  He came home with the Malto-meal Honey scooters. These are NOT THE SAME THING PEOPLE! He knows now not to ever make that mistake again.

Mac 'n cheese 'n hotdogs: haha Don't judge. I am capable of eating a whole box.

Taco bell crunchy tacos: I know I can make a healthier homemade cheaper version, but there is something about that mystery meat that makes Baby Olsen oh so happy.

Water with Ice and a bendy straw: I never liked ice water because A. it was too cold on my teeth and B. We've always been to lazy to keep our ice trays full. Our new freezer makes ice all on it's own and I am forever converted.

Toast with mayo with big chunky fresh tomatoes and some pepper: AKA a tomato sandwich. I remember my very first time trying the tasty mix was when I was 10 years old with my auntie roma ann in Hurricane, UT. Only then it was on homemade bread and tomatos right out of the garden. mmm mmm. David cringes every time I make one.

Those are the major contenders at the moment, oh and anything and everything salty. Thankfully I've been lucky enough to enjoy all types of food this pregnancy. I'm excited for the holiday season coming up so I can stuff my face with even more tasty goodies!

Happy September!!!

Autumn will be here soon, I can feel it.


Susie Stout said...

it's funny how specific craving are sometimes. I told Daniel I NEEDED some peanut M&M's not peanut butter. He came back with peanut butter and mama was not happy!!!!

How It All Began... said...

All I ever wanted was pickels and more pickels.

David and Jessica Olsen said...

Oh susie that is hilarious! Peanut mms are so not the same.

Angie- Mmmmm pickles!!!!

tay and j said...

have i told you i read your blog like i have a disorder? i do. its almost pathetic.. but i love it.

just keep postin your lil heart out okay.

ps stinking congrats on the baby scene!

Ross and Kate Loveland said...

bahaha you're going to make me sick. hahahaha I'm with ya on the ice water and bendy straw though! But not just any ice. I've been going to sonic and buying their bags of ice.

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