Monday, January 9, 2012

back to school

Today David and I started our second semester here at Utah Valley University. It's funny to hear peoples reactions when I tell them i'm going to school and i'm having a baby in 6-8 weeks. They think i'm crazy, and they're probably right. I can't help but feel slightly overwhelmed as I think about how our lives are going to change shortly. It's going to be a rough semester as far as my actual classes go. I'm taking 15 upper division credits. Thankfully Davey and I got into all the same classes (talk about saving $$$ on books!!) and so far all of our professors seem to be on board with helping us to work around the baby! What a blessing!! Lets hope little man stays put for a while so I can get a couple weeks under my belt. 

Heres to a new and exciting semester!!!

1 comment:

Travis and Lindsay said...

You are so cute! Good luck with this next semester and the upcoming baby! =)

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