Sunday, February 19, 2012

the valentines day from hell

David had the whole day planned out. I woke up to breakfast in bed, a dozen roses and a 1 pound gift certificate to See's Candy. My man knows what I like :). We had an early start because it was our 37 week appointment. We were anxious to see how much our little guy had grown and if my body was prepping for labor at all. Like always, he was measuring a month a head of the game at 41 weeks and to my surprise I wasn't dilated at all! 
I couldn't help but be a little disappointed. I figured with all the Braxton Hicks and lightning crotch i'd been experiencing the last two week I was bound to had dilated a little!
After our appointment we headed over to Costa Vida. It's always our go-to place to eat when we can decide what we want. Usually you can never go wrong with Mexican food, but boy was I wrong this time.

I remember eating a spoon full of black beans that didn't taste quite right. It didn't even phase me at the time because it was one of the last bites and everything else was so delicious. After lunch, we hit up the mall and did some shopping. We spent 45 min in line to cash in my See's Candy certificate for that perfect pound of candy. 
When we got home I opted for a nap because my body was tired and my feet where sooooo swollen. 
(Fast forward to a couple hours later)
I woke up from my nap and David volunteered to rub my feet. I knew he was getting excited for his valentines day celebration ;) The all of the sudden I had this rumbly, uncomfortable grumling going on in my stomach. I told David I didn't feel well and needed to lay back down. I could tell he was a little disappointed but agreed that I should rest. 20 min later, it hit me. I was hunched over the bathroom toilet violently barfing for the next 4 hours. I'll be the first to say that semi-digested black beans are hands down the nastiest things to come out of your nose. David was getting worried because I couldn't even keep a sip of water down. He called up the baby Dr. and shortly after we were admitted to Labor and Delivery. 
I was so dehydrated that the nurses couldn't even find a vein to get the fluids going. We were there for the next 7 hours. Baby boy was being monitored the whole time. He was moving and grooving like normal. My body was so tired I could barley sit up. After being discharged and getting back home I threw up twice more and then passed out for the next 48 hours from total exhaustion. I remember waking up to David helping me sip water and gatorade and thinking it was the best thing i've ever tasted. 
I was to afraid to eat anything the next couple days and lived off apple sauce and toast. I literally felt like I had waken form the dead. 
Unfortunately, It will definitely been a Valentines day that we will never forget. The suckiest thing of all is that we will never eat at Costa Vida again.


graysand said...
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Jared said...

Sexiest Valentine's EVER!

Esther said...

UGH, so sorry! if its any consolation I was full term (38) and my water broke but I wasn't dilated or effaced at all! And Elliot was till born after 12 total hours of labor :)

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