Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 Months

Dear Remington-
You are a beast child. No wonder my arms are getting buff. (if only I could hold you with my love handles or but cheeks...
At 3 months you are starting to jibber jabber all the time. Your little baby man voice is so cute. You have discovered your tongue and know how to blow bubbles. Anything that you grab goes straight to your mouth. You have a continuous stream of drool on your chubby face. You could spend hours jumping in your Jumperoo. We love watching you play with your toys. You smile at everyone, especially pretty ladies. You love having your diaper changed and when Dad makes tooting nosies with his mouth. You listen and watch intently when I read you your books. You think animal noises are hilarious, specifically "meow meow" and "mooooooooo." I love watching you light up when Dad comes home from working all day. Sometimes I think he is your favorite. I know we're not supposed to give you real food yet, but occasionally I sneak you a taste. I've been putting you in your crib for naps during the day so you get used to sleeping and waking up in a different room. So far it's been successful  and we hope to make the transition to overnight in the crib soon. (I'm secretly dreading that day because I love when your little body curls up next to mine at night.) You are still content during tummy time but are totally disinterested in rolling over. You'd rather sit or stand up than be on the ground anyways. For the past couple weeks you've been sleeping in until 10. Please keep it up don't let this be a phase because i'm loving it. Next week you get to see Mimi, Grandpa and your aunties and uncles. For some it will be the first time meeting you. They are so excited!!! Well, you are awake and making hungry noises so I should probably go feed you. (I swear sometimes I nurse you alllllll day!!!!) Keep growing strong-


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