Friday, August 17, 2012


Rem and I have been filling our days with long walks, picnics in the park, countless DIY projects and hours at the gym. Oh the life of a stay at home mom. :) David has taken on more hours at work so our little time spent together is cherished. We even went on a date last week. We had big plans but ended up going home and sleeping for a hour and a half. I know, how lame but it was the best hour and a half of quiet, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Rem on the other hand was a hellion for our sitter. Way to scare off another one son.
 School starts back up in four weeks and I am a nervous wreck about leaving Remington. On the other hand it will be nice to have a break from mommy duties. I'm really just anxious about finding time between classes to pump or even where to pump on campus for that matter. Heaven knows I can't handle be the leaky boob girl.  I'll be taking classes half day while David has Rem, then when I come home David will leave to work the night shift. So pretty much we will never see each other. Im going to be so crazy busy with school the next two semesters I don't even want to think about it. Then I will graduate in April and be done done done! I can't believe i'm so close. David isn't to far away from being finished either. Next summer he will be applying for Chiropractic schools and graduating in December. After that who knows where we will be!
Whelp that's all that's really going on right now.

And now here are some cute remstagrams (remington+instagrams. i know, im a genius)

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Most kids suck their thumb...!

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