Sunday, September 30, 2012

6 Months

Dear Remington-
Your six month stats: 23 lbs and 29 inches. AKA You are approximately the size of an average one year old. Dad loves when people ask how old you are and watching their reaction to your jumbo-ness. Currently you are in 18-24 mon size clothing which totally blows my mind. At six months you are officially crawling. You look like a little inch worm as you get from point A to point B. So cute. You continue to pull yourself up on everything, including the toilet. Yuck. The bathroom door stays closed from now on. This month you learned how to clap but only with your fists closed. Slowly but surely you've been sleeping for longer periods during the night and therefor eliminating some of your (many) night feedings. Hallelujah. Anytime we take something away from you, you have a meltdown. Sometimes it's cute. You seem to be adjusting pretty well now that I am gone half the day. Except for taking a bottle... You will take it if you have to but you're so stubborn that sometimes you will wait until I get home to nurse. We can't fool you with those plastic nipples. Litte stinker. Speaking of stinker, you're halloween costume this year...I die! You're going to be the most adorable little skunk boy ever. Oh Mr. Rem Rem your gummy smile still melts me into a puddle every day. (No teeth poking through yet.) I continue to enjoy the quiet moments of snuggle time (now that they are becoming few and far between) when you will actually let me hold you. No matter how big you get you will always be my little baby.

Happy half birthday month handsome-



Akina's said...

he is such a perfect mix of you both! and oh my gosh he is huge. kala just barely made it to 24 pounds and he is just over 2! and is only 32 inches... you have a monster on you hands! i love it! those legs are adorable!

Angie Center said...

Dear Remington,

Your Aunt Angie wants to meet you so badly! You are getting so BIG! I'm thankful your mama writes this blog so I can learn all about you! :)

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