Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin night

Last week we had a pumpkin night. 

pumpkin pie,
pumpkin spice egg nog,
and of course pumpkin pumpkin.

Rem LOVED the eating the pumpkin pie and playing with all the innards of the pumpkin pumpkin. I figured it'd be a good sensory lesson. I don't recommend eating pumpkin pie and drinking pumpkin spice egg nog together... pumpkin overload.

(now that i've written "pumpkin" 13 times it's starting to sound weird...)



Nicole said...

I love it, I like how you left the knife right next to him lol lol jk.

.... pumpkin

and i love his comb over :D

michelle emily said...

can't get enough of those baby thighs.

Angie Center said...

Looks like a lot of messy fun! We just did the same thing a day late. I love your blog!

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