Saturday, November 3, 2012

7 Months

Dear Remington,
These past couple weeks have been the so fun. You've hit some pretty cool milestones and have had many "firsts" this month. At 7 months you are a crazy fast crawler. I love when you follow me around the house and climb up my leg when you want to be picked up. No matter how good I think I cleaned you still manage to find a piece of nasty nast and put it into your mouth. You're getting so good and picking up food with your thumb and pointer finger and feeding yourself. I love that you lean in with an open slobbery mouth when we ask for kisses. You said your first word this month which happened to be "dada". Sometimes it sounds like "daddy."Dad likes to reminds me of this everyday. I was a little sad a first but I know I'm still your favorite. This month you have become more and more confident when standing. You can transition from the couch to the table with ease. You're love to stand up against your high chair and push it all over the kitchen. You are fearless! Everyday you wake up with a new bruise either on your face or all over you legs, there is no furniture you haven't fallen off of. You like to share your toys/food with me and Dad by putting them in our mouths. You like to walk while we hold your hands. You turn into a beast in the car if we keep you strapped down for longer than 15 minutes. You are never afraid to let us know exactly what you think. I love that you look over at me for approval when your about to do something. You are sooooo ticklish and have the cutest belly laugh. Swaddling you is still the only way we can get you to relax and fall asleep. You love being held close at night and being sung to. Your favorite games are "peekaboo" and "this little piggy. " And lastly no matter how many times I think your teething, nothing EVER comes through...

You make life worth living baby boy-


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