Monday, September 30, 2013


These two nuggets have been keeping me busy and I can NEVER find enough time to keep up the blog these days. ^^

Sooooo I think we've finally kindasorta gotten into a daily routine. 
We spend most our mornings snuggled up on the couch eating breakfast and watching cartoons. 
After that we try to get out of the house for a while so Remington can get his wiggles out before nap time.
I am totally loving this cold, windy, fall weather but I HATE that it has forced us to be inside most the day.
Remington is already going crazy being cooped up which means the rest of us are suffering from his whiny orneriness. 
I do not even want to think about how this winter is going to be ahh! 
I need more ideas to keep this kid busy. 
I did a fall craft with him last week that I figured would keep him occupied for the afternoon. 
But took a grand total of 7 minutes. 
After that we attempt nap time (hasn't been happening lately) and the rest of the day is spent playing, reading, making messes and counting down the hours until David gets home. 
Speaking of David...He is totally kicking 16 credits and two jobs butt! 
He comes home every night completely exhausted, but he is always happy to see me and the kids. 
He never complains. 
I'm so happy I married a hardworking man! #proudwife

This post is starting to feel like it's all over the place so to wrap it up I wanted to share these pictures of Olive's bum. 
I can't even tell you how much I love this.

home grown dimple-rolls ^^

ALSO I am currently finishing some posts about tandem nursing, transitioning Remington into his own bed, Olive at 2 months and Remington at 18 months. 
Hopefully they'll be done sooner than later...
Stay tuned!

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Karen Meteer said...

I giggled at "tandem nursing"...brought to mind those times when the twins would both be screaming hungry and I'd be struggling get them both where they could nurse at the same time. "AAAaaaa!" Bless you! xox

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